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ERISA Section 4044/4050 Mortality Tables

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ERISA Section 4044 Mortality Table – This table is used to determine liabilities when a single-employer plan terminates in an involuntary or distress termination (per 29 CFR 4044). It is also used when a multiemployer plan incurs a mass withdrawal (per 29 CFR 4281).

ERISA Section 4050 Mortality Table – This table is a unisex version of the ERISA Section 4044 Table. It is used in specified situations to determine the benefit transfer amount under the Missing Participants Program (per 29 CFR 4050).

See links below for the applicable mortality for a given year:

Year ERISA 4044 ERISA 4050
2024 HTML    Excel HTML   Excel
2023 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2022 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2021 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2020 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2019 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2018 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2017 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2016 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2015 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2014 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2013 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2012 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2011 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2010 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2009 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel
2008 HTML   Excel HTML   Excel