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Forms for pension practitioners and employers

Saving information when using a PDF-fillable form - Before entering data into the form, please download/save it to your computer (right-click the form and select Save As). Then, open the form from your computer and begin filling it in.

This page includes forms and other reporting tools grouped by the following topics:


Annual reporting
Form name How to file
Annual Financial and Actuarial Information Reporting (ERISA § 4010) To file e-4010, log in to e-filing portal.
Learn more: e-4010 filing requirements
Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan (IRS/DOL/PBGC Form 5500) Form 5500 Series and instructions


Coverage Determination
Form name Download
Coverage Determination Request for Coverage Determination form
Coverage Determination form instructions


Distress Terminations
Form name Download
Notice of Intent to Terminate (Form 600) Form 600
Plan Information (Schedule P) Schedule P (page 2 of Form 600)
Financial Information and Distress Criteria Schedule F (page 3 of Form 600)
Notice of Single-Employer Plan Termination (Form 601) Form 601
Enrolled Actuary Certification Schedule EA-D (page 2 of Form 601)
Post-Distribution Certification (Form 602) Form 602
Distress Termination instructions Follow Distress Termination instructions (page 4)
Full set of Distress Termination forms (Forms 600, 601, 602, Schedules P, F & EA-D) Download all distress termination forms


Missing Participants Filings for Plans that Terminate before 1/1/2018 (Single-employer PBGC-insured plans only)
Form name Download
Participant Information (Schedule MP) Schedule MP
Annuity Purchase Information (Attachment A to Schedule MP) Attachment A to Schedule MP (page 2 of Schedule MP)
Individual Information (Attachment B to Schedule MP) Attachment B to Schedule MP (page 3 of Schedule MP)
Payment Voucher (Schedule MP) Payment Voucher (page 7 of Schedule MP)
Missing Participant (Schedule MP) instructions Follow Missing Participant instructions (page 9)


Missing Participant Filings for plans that terminate on or after 1/1/2018 (all plans covered by Missing Participants Program)
Type of plan Download
PBGC-insured Single-Employer Plans Form MP-100
Form MP-100 instructions
Excel template
Defined Contribution Plans Form MP-200
Form MP-200 instructions
Excel template
Small Professional Services DB Plans (not insured by PBGC) Form MP-300
Form MP-300 instructions
Excel template
PBGC-insured Multiemployer Plans Form MP-400
Form MP-400 instructions
Excel template


Payment of Premiums
Form name Download
Comprehensive Premium Filing To submit a comprehensive premium filing, log in to myPAA.
Comprehensive Premium Filing instructions Filing instructions
Termination Premium Declaration (Form T) Visit Termination Premiums


Reportable events:

See Reportable Events and Large Unpaid Contributions for forms and reporting requirements.


Substantial Cessations of Operations
Form name Download
Notice of ERISA 4062(e) Event Form 4062(e)-01
Notice of Election Under ERISA 4062(e)(4) Form 4062(e)-02
Notice of Additional Contributions Under ERISA 4062(e)(4) Form 4062(e)-03
Notice of Failure to Make Additional Contributions Under ERISA 4062(e)(4)(e) Form 4062(e)-04
Filing instructions (all 4062(e) forms) Filing instructions


Standard Terminations
Form name Download
Standard Termination Notice Single-Employer Plan Termination (Form 500) Form 500
Certification of Sufficiency (Schedule EA-S) Schedule EA-S
Designation of Representative (Schedule REP-S) Schedule REP-S
Standard Termination instructions Standard Termination filing instructions
Post-Distribution Certification for Standard Termination (Form 501) Form 501
Full set of Standard Termination forms (Forms 500 & 501, Schedules EA-S & REP-S, and Instructions) Download all standard termination forms
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