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Legal Resources

This page includes the statute, regulations, agency guidance, Federal Register documents, and other legal resources applicable to private-sector defined benefit plans covered under title IV of ERISA.

ERISA - The current text of the law that established PBGC in 1974 and governs its pension insurance programs.

Code of Federal Regulations - Title 29: Chapter XL - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

 Rulemaking Documents - PBGC’s final and proposed rules

Guidance Document Database - Direct access to guidance documents in accordance with Executive Order 13891

 Federal Register Notices - (other than rulemaking documents) – PBGC’s notices published in the Federal Register on or after July 1, 1996

 Litigation Documents - Documents from PBGC’s judicial proceedings

 Agency Decisions and Opinions - Documents containing PBGC's positions on specific issues

 Other Resources

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