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Annual Funding Notice for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Annual Funding Notice for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

You may have recently received an Annual Funding Notice about your defined benefit pension plan.

The notice does not mean that your pension plan is ending or that PBGC is taking over payment of your benefit. While PBGC insures your pension, the pension plan remains under the sponsorship of your employer. PBGC does not have any specific information about your benefit.

Employers are required to send an Annual Funding Notice each year to everyone covered by their pension plan.

The notice provides you with information about:

  • How well your pension plan is funded
  • The value of your pension plan's assets and liabilities
  • How your pension plan's assets are invested
  • The legal limits on how much PBGC can pay if your pension plan ends

Again, PBGC does not have specific information about your pension plan or the benefit you have earned.  If you have questions, please contact the administrator of your pension plan using the contact information given you in the notice.  

If you have questions about the benefits PBGC guarantees, see Your Guaranteed Pension.

Last updated July 20, 2018