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Annual Funding Notice for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Annual Funding Notice for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Are you searching for information about a document you received in the mail about your pension plan labelled “Annual Funding Notice” (or something similar)? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

You received that notice because pension plan administrators are required to send a funding notice annually to each person covered by the plan, including those participants and beneficiaries currently receiving benefits from the plan. This is the case whether your pension plan is a single-employer plan or a multiemployer plan. 

Although the annual funding notice describes the legal limits on how much PBGC would guarantee if your pension plan ends (in the case of single-employer plan) or becomes insolvent (in the case of a multiemployer plans), the notice does not mean that either event occurred.

To get more information about the notice, or if you have questions about your plan or the benefit you have earned, please contact the plan administrator using the contact information provided in the notice. PBGC does not have specific information about your benefit. 

If you have questions about the benefits PBGC guarantees when a pension plan terminates or becomes insolvent, see Guaranteed Pensions.

Last updated May 13, 2019