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Trusteed Pension plan

Workers & Retirees
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Is PBGC now the "trustee" responsible for paying your benefits?
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Search our full list of Trusteed Pension Plans using the:
pension plan name,
PBGC eight-digit case number, or
company name.

Need Help?

You can find your pension plan name and PBGC case number on any letter you have received from PBGC.

If the PBGC case number for your plan begins with zeros, leave off any beginning zeros when searching for your plan on this site. For example: If your plan number is 08336500, please enter "8336500" into the search box.

When searching by company (or plan sponsor) name, type the star (*) key before or after part of the name to get more search results. This is helpful if you are unsure of the full name of the company or sponsor.

Found Your Plan. Now What?

If your plan is listed and you have questions about your benefits, please review the information on this website, or call the PBGC Customer Contact Center at 800-400-7242.

Cannot Find Your Plan?

If your private defined benefit pension plan has ended but is not listed here, please call your pension plan administrator or the PBGC Customer Contact Center. PBGC's number is 800-400-7242. If your pension plan has not ended, please check our insured pension plans listing.