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Open Government

Open Government

Welcome to the PBGC's Open Government webpage. This page includes important PBGC data sets and information about how the American public can provide input that will make the work and performance of PBGC even better and more engaging. The information on this page complements the many other Federal agency data sets located at

Open Government Documents

PBGC Data Sets

What makes this a high-value data set?

These data sets can be used to increase agency accountability, improve public knowledge of the agency and its operations, create economic opportunity, and further the agency's mission.

These data sets present information in a machine accessible, downloadable format, which has not been previously available to the public.

OMB's Federal Source Software Policy:
Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software (M-16-21) requires federal agencies to "ensure that an appropriate alternatives analysis has been conducted before considering the acquisition of an existing commercial solution or a custom-developed solution." This memo also requires agencies to publicly post this policy. PBGC's Alternatives Analysis Standard and Methodology defines the Corporation's approved process for identifying and recommending an information technology (IT) solutions and products that are the best overall fit for PBGC use. (updated October 21, 2016)

PBGC Appeals Board Data
This data shows the number of appeals opened and closed, average number of days to close an appeal, percent of appeals with a decision change, and current number of appeals for FY 2007 through 2016. (updated October 03, 2016)

PBGC Customer Experience Analytics (Excel)
This spreadsheet contains a graphical depiction of PBGC's customer satisfaction index for FY 2013 through FY 2016. PBGC uses the ForeSee CXA survey methodology to ensure customer ratings are objective. ForeSee CXA is a recognized standard throughout government and industry and is based on a 0-to-100 score. Customer satisfaction surveys are presented to visitors throughout the year to measure overall customer satisfaction and their satisfaction with our website. This data set will be updated annually.  (updated September 13, 2016)

PBGC Retiree Satisfaction (Excel)
This spreadsheet contains PBGC's Retiree American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) for FY 2003 through FY 2016.  (updated September 13, 2016)

Annual Performance Report Summary (Excel)
The table includes an Annual Performance Report Summary of PBGC Measures and Activities. It will be updated annually. (updated November 22, 2016) Website Analytics (Excel)
This is a collection of web analytics information for This list will be updated annually. (updated September 04, 2015)

PBGC FOIA Requests
This webpage lists the active, pending, received, and processed FOIA requests. The page is updated annually. (September 9, 2015)

Multiemployer Pension Plans (Excel)
This spreadsheet lists the active multiemployer pensions plans insured by PBGC. Plans are identified by name, employer identification number (EIN) and plan number (PN). This data set will be updated annually, after the close of the fiscal year. (updated July 18, 2016)

Single-Employer Pension Plans (Excel)
This spreadsheet lists the active single-employer pensions plans insured by PBGC. Plans are identified by name, employer identification number (EIN) and plan number (PN). (updated February 21, 2017)

Financial Assistance Payments to Multiemployer Plans (Excel)
This spreadsheet contains a list of all financial assistance payments made by the PBGC to multiemployer plans from Fiscal Year 2005 through the current fiscal year. This data set will be updated quarterly. (updated May 1, 2017)

Single-Employer Plans Trusteed by PBGC (Excel)
This spreadsheet contains a list of all single-employer defined benefit pension plans trusteed by the PBGC since its creation in 1974. This data set will be updated quarterly. (updated May 24, 2016)

PBGC Financial Summary Data (Excel)
This spreadsheet contains key financial data highlighted from PBGC's financial statements for the periods ending September 30, 1992 through the end of the last fiscal year. This data set will be updated annually. PBGC's financial statements are also available in the annual reports. (updated October 09, 2015)

Multiemployer Pension Plan Terminations, Mergers, and Insolvencies (Excel)
A listing of multiemployer pension plan terminations, mergers, and insolvencies reported to the PBGC for the current fiscal year. This data set will be updated annually. (updated September 30, 2016)

Budget Summary of Changes 
The Budget Summary of Changes data set is extracted from PBGC's Congressional Budget Justification. It includes all administrative and program increases and decreases including full time equivalents, cost of living allowance and inflation. It is updated annually. (updated January 6, 2017)

PBGC Amount in Pay Per State for US and US Territories (2014) Single-Employer Program (Excel)
Provides customer counts and amounts paid to customers in the 2015 calendar year for customers of pension plans trusteed by the PBGC under its single-employer program by state (US territory) and congressional district. This data set will be updated annually. (updated December 2, 2016)

Pension Insurance Data Tables
Find out about retirement trends in PBGC's data tables. The tables include statistics on the people and pensions that PBGC protects, including how many Americans are in PBGC-insured pension plans, how many get PBGC benefits, and where they live. This data set will be updated periodically. (updated May 27, 2016)

PBGC welcomes stakeholder input on these data sets and other ways that PBGC can promote the values of transparency, participation, and collaboration in government. Please direct feedback to

To help us do a better job of serving you: 

  • What PBGC data or content should PBGC make more readily available?
  • Which PBGC online service or data would you like to be easier to use?
  • Which PBGC service would you like to use on your mobile device?

PBGC puts out an annual call, via email, for input and suggestions to improve the Open Government and Open Data policies and data sets. PBGC receives and reviews all feedback and submissions to PBGC then works with the appropriate subject matter expert and the Open Data Working Group to evaluate the ability and priority to publish the data sets. PBGC does not have a policy requiring a response to submitted feedback, but will engage the submitter for additional information or clarification if necessary.