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About PBGC Search Results and Search Help

About our Search Results

PBGC provides search results in four unique tabs on our main search page. In most cases, results will be returned on the "Search All" tab.  At the top of this tab, a result count for the other tabs is provided (if applicable).  The following table describes the results in each of the tabs.

Search Results Tab Content Returned
Search All The Search All tab lists pages and documents matching your search criteria, including forms for workers and retirees, blog posts, press releases, interest rates, news and policy announcements, and other information.  It does not include the information presented in the Plans Paying PBGC Premiums or Trusteed Plans tabs.
Plans Paying PBGC Premiums PBGC insures over 24,500 private sector defined benefit pension plans, protecting the retirement security for over 31 million American workers. If your plan is on the list, you can be fairly certain your plan is insured (i.e., covered). Please note that, in very rare instances, an employer pays PBGC premiums in error even though their pension plan is not covered by PBGC. Such a plan would likely appear on the list. Paying PBGC premiums does not trigger coverage. See PBGC's coverage webpage for information.
Trusteed Plans PBGC paid for monthly retirement benefits for nearly 920,000 retirees in more than 5,000 pension plans that cannot pay promised benefits. This tab lists these plans by plan name, sponsor, case number, and plan termination date. If your plan is in this list, you may have a retirement benefit due from PBGC.

Search Help

Need some additional suggestions for refining your search? The following tables contains some suggestions that may help refine your search results. If you still need help, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-400-7242. TTY/ASCII users may call 711.

Search Suggestion Example

Use double-quotes to search for a specific phrase

Search "pension plan" (in quotes) to find results specifically including the phrase "pension plan."
Avoid using articles or prepositions Do not use "a," "the," or "from" to improve search results
Add a + sign in front of the first search term to require its inclusion A search for "+benefit pension" will return all pages that include the search term pension and benefit
Use the word "and" to refine search results Search for "pension and plan" will return pages that include both pension and plan
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