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Search Help

Search Help

Begin by typing in a few words or phrases. Use discriminating terms that are likely to be found only in the documents you seek. These tips may help improve your results.

  • Use double-quotes to search for a specific phrase.
    Example: "pension plan"
    Result: Finds results that contain "pension plan".
  • Use nouns as keywords. Avoid using articles or prepositions like “a,” “the,” or “from.”
  • Use lower case when case doesn't matter. Otherwise, an exact match is used.
  • You can use a + in front of a term to require it in the results.
    Example: +benefit
    Result: Displays only results with the word "benefit."
  • You can use a - (minus sign) in front of a term to exclude it from the results.
    Example: -provider
    Result: Excludes results with the word "provider."
  • Spell carefully, and consider alternate spellings.
  • Using the word AND will narrow your search.
    Example: pension AND plan
    Result: Includes results with the words "pension" and "plan."
  • To refine your results, or for more options, choose advanced search.
  • Use the “search these results” link to further narrow your search.
  • Root word searches return words that contain the same prefix. Use an asterisk (*).
    Example: repor*
    Result: Includes results for "report," "reports," and "reporting."
  • Stem word searches return words that contain the same base stem. Use two asterisks (**).
    Example: litigat**
    Result: Includes results for "litigate," "litigation."
  • You can search for mixed alphanumeric terms.
    Example: "401K, 403b."
  • Capitalize proper names if it will help to reduce ambiguity.
    Example:  “White House” vs. “white house”
  • You can use a comma to search for more than one phrase.
    Example: standard termination, pension plan
    Result: Includes results that contain "standard termination" first, and "pension plan" second.

Still having difficulty with your search? Please email the webmaster, or call us at 1-800-400-7242.