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PBGC Information Technology

The Chief information Officer leads the Office of Information Technology which provides IT and electronic communications services and support to PBGC; plans for, directs and coordinates the allocation of corporate resources for IT services, support and related activities; delivers IT business solutions driven by customer requirements; operates, maintains and safeguards PBGC business and infrastructure systems; and oversees the acquisition of IT resources for PBGC. The CIO leads the Office of Information Technology and publishes the PBGC’s IT Strategic Plan, leads the Enterprise Architecture Program, IT Capital Planning Program, IT Infrastructure, and Mission/Business IT Program Management, and other IT initiatives. The CIO Chairs the IT Portfolio Review Board, and works with the Chief Enterprise Architect to standardize and drive technology decisions. 

The CIO and his peer Chiefs meet weekly, monthly or quarterly, based on the size of IT Programs, to review the status of IT Projects, security posture, and technology direction.  In addition, major IT Projects for Development, Modernization and Enhancement are briefed to the CIO and the sponsoring Chiefs on a regular basis or at meaningful milestones.

IT Strategic Plan

IT Modernization Projects

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