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Multiemployer plans

A multiemployer plan is a pension plan created through an agreement between two or more employers and a union. The employers are usually in the same or related industries, like construction or transportation. Multiemployer plans are run by a board of trustees, with an equal number of employer and union trustees.

PBGC’s Multiemployer Insurance Program covers private-sector multiemployer defined benefit plans. PBGC also runs a Single-Employer Insurance Program. The two programs differ significantly in the level of benefits guaranteed, the insurable event that triggers the guarantee, and premiums paid by insured plans. Multiemployer plans also have separate funding rules and requirements, and PBGC’s multiemployer guarantee is significantly lower than our single-employer guarantee.

The Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 (MPRA) became law in December 2014. Under MPRA, Congress established new options for trustees of multiemployer plans that will potentially run out of money. Below you’ll find information on our Multiemployer Insurance Program and MPRA in three sections: General Information, Workers & Retirees, and Practitioner/Professional.

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