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These transcripts are from 2010. The information may still be helpful if you have questions about a topic.


What happens now? (Transcript)


What if I have a divorce order? (Transcript)


When is my benefit final? (Transcript)


Your Delphi Plan Benefit

Some terms you need to know. (Transcript)


What benefits did the Delphi Hourly Plan provide? (Transcript)


Will my beneficiary get survivor payments? (Transcript)


Legal Limits on Benefits PBGC Can Pay

What are the Legal Limits? (Transcript)


What is the Accrued-at-Normal Limit? (Transcript)


What is the Maximum Guaranteeable Benefit Limit? (Transcript)


What is the Phase-In Limit? (Transcript)


How do the Limits affect my benefit? (Transcript)


Benefit Calculation Examples

Three examples: Which is for me? (Transcript)


Example 1: Retiree older than 62 (Transcript)


Example 2: Retiree younger than 62 (Transcript)


Example 3: Mutually Satisfactory Retirement (Transcript)


Closing Remarks:

PBGC's Acting Director, Vince Snowbarger, 12/16/2009 (Transcript)

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