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Link to Find My Trusteed Pension Plan

Find a Trusteed Pension Plan

Did your pension plan fail? If PBGC is now the "trustee" responsible for paying your benefits, find information about your plan using the search box below. Search using:

  • Pension plan name
  • PBGC 8-digit case number
  • Company or sponsor name

If a private company still runs your pension plan, find out if PBGC insures it.

Did you receive an annual funding notice?

Link to Missing Participant Search

Find Unclaimed Pensions

When PBGC becomes responsible for a pension plan, we can't always find all the pension plan participants. Find out if you or someone you know is on our unclaimed pension list.

Visit Unclaimed Pension Search to expand your search by company or by state.

Did you receive a Social Security Administration Potential Private Pension Benefit notice?

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Newsletters & Publications

Read the latest PBGC updates that could affect your pension payment. Be sure to sign up for e-mail notices of new editions of the newsletters.

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Your Guaranteed Pension
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