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What To Do if Your Pension Plan Ends

1. Look for official notification

If your employer wants to end the plan, your plan administrator must notify you in writing that your plan is ending. You must get this notice, called the Notice of Intent to Terminate, at least 60 days before the "termination" date.

If PBGC is terminating the plan, we notify the plan administrator and often publish a notice about our action in local and national newspapers.

  • In a distress termination, or a termination initiated by PBGC, our communication with you begins when we take over your plan as trustee. Initially we will provide you with general information about the pension insurance program and our guarantees. We will be able to provide more specific information about your benefits after we have had an opportunity to review the plan's records, assets, benefit liabilities, and your participation in the plan.

2. Complete all requests for information promptly

PBGC reviews your plan's records to determine what benefits each person will receive. To ensure PBGC has the correct information, we will ask you to complete an information form.

  • If you are already receiving pension benefits from your pension plan we will ask you to complete the Participant Information Form. (If you are already receiving a pension, we will continue paying you without interruption during our review. These payments will be an estimate of the benefits that PBGC can pay under the insurance program, and they may be less than you were receiving from your plan.)
  • If you are not yet receiving pension benefits we will ask you to complete a Beneficiary Designation (not currently receiving pension benefits) Form.

Please return your information form to PBGC within 30 days of receipt.

3. Review the following pension benefit information

Also, review the information on a special webpage we set up for each pension plan we trustee. Find your plan's page.

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