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Manage Your Benefits

Apply for Your Pension Benefits

Learn how to apply for pension benefits once you become eligible under your pension plan.  

Designate a Beneficiary 

Find out the three types of beneficiaries. How to report a death and to designate a beneficiary.

Disability Benefits

Learn about PBGC's disability guarantees and eligibility requirements.   

When and How PBGC Pays Benefits

Learn about benefit options and PBGC's payment schedule. 

Tax Withholding

See how to change your federal income tax withholding amount. 

Forms for Workers and Retirees

Download forms for certain PBGC transactions.   

Change of Address

Learn more how to update your name, address, telephone number, or email, or correct any inaccurate information PBGC may have about you.

IRS 1099r Tax Form

Obtain IRS Form 1099-R to file your taxes or show eligibility for the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC).

Income Verification

Request a letter to prove your pension income for housing assistance, a mortgage or other loan, or verification for another agency.

Last Updated: July 7, 2021

MyPBA: My Pension Benefit Access

MyPBA logo

With MyPBA, you can create or log in to your account and enjoy these benefits:

  • View your 1099-R tax form 
  • Obtain a letter that verifies your PBGC income 
  • Update your address, contact and banking information
  • Update your federal tax withholding 
  • Request a benefit estimate 
  • Apply for benefits