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My PAA Online Demonstrations

Review the demo links below to get familiar with how to use My PAA to perform premium-related tasks.

  • Also available is the My PAA Demo End to End video that includes items from all four categories in the existing chart.

My PAA Account Activities

Premium Filing Activities

Other Activities

Filing Coordinator Activities PDF and Video Demos:

  • How to Log in to My PAA: Link Existing Accounts (Same Email Addresses) (PDF or video demo)
  • How to Log in to My PAA: Link Existing Accounts (Different Email Addresses) (PDF or video demo)
  • How to Create an Account in My PAA (new users) (PDF or video demo)
  • How to log in to My PAA as an Invited Practitioner (PDF or video demo)

How to Update Account Details

How to change Secret Question & Answer

Create/Edit a Filing Using My PAA Data Entry and Editing Screens

Disabling Filing Status Emails & Sending Messages

How to Import an XML Filing

Finalize and Submit a Screen-Prepared or Imported Software-Prepared Filing

Upload Filings

How to Utilize the Plan List Page

How to View Correspondence

How to Check an Account History for a Plan

How to View Account Activity History

How to Submit a Request and View the Status of Request

How to Use In Site Knowledge Articles

How to Add or Delete a Filing Attachment 

How to Create or Add Existing Plan to your Account 

How to Add and Remove and Update Roles for Filing Member

How to Add a My PAA User to Multiple My PAA Plans (Bulk Request)

How to View and Edit Plan Details

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