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American Rescue Plan (ARP) Special Financial Assistance Program

When the application period opens to multiemployer pension plans, PBGC will accept as many applications as the agency estimates it can process in 120 days. Once the number of applications reaches that level, the application period will temporarily close until PBGC has capacity to process more applications. PBGC will update this page when the application period opens and closes, and will post information about the status of submitted applications. PBGC will also contact prospective applicants via email when new information is available.

At this time, multiemployer plans in Priority Group 1Priority Group 2Priority Group 3 and Priority Group 4 can submit completed applications for Special Financial Assistance at

Application Status
The E-filing Portal is open and
now accepting applications.

Priority Groups

Priority Group Plan Descriptions Target Date Plans May Apply for SFA* Status
1 Already insolvent or projected to become insolvent before 3/11/2022 7/9/2021 OPEN
2 Expected to be insolvent within one year of the date the plan's application is filed 12/27/2021 OPEN
Implemented MPRA benefit suspensions before 3/11/2021** 1/1/2022 OPEN
3 Greater than 350,000 participants 4/1/2022 OPEN
4 Projected to become insolvent before 3/11/2023 7/1/2022 OPEN
5 Projected to become insolvent before 3/11/2026 2/11/2023 CLOSED
6 Present value of financial assistance in excess of $1 billion 2/11/2023 CLOSED

*PBGC has 120 days to review an application. If capacity to process applications exceeds expectations, then the dates to accept applications may be accelerated.
**MPRA plans can restore benefits under 26 CFR 1.432(e)(9)-1(e)(3) at any time, including before applying for SFA.

Contact Information


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