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FY 2009 FOIA Annual Report Data Files

Pursuant to the President's FOIA Memorandum of January 21, 2009, the Department of Justice's Office of Information Policy has asked all agencies to provide their FOIA Annual Report's underlying data in an open electronic format. For each data table in the PBGC FY 2009 FOIA Annual Report, a text file in .CSV (comma-separated value) format is available below. In some cases the table design has been simplified to create a single flat table. Note that each table contains a header row which identifies the table columns; these column names reflect the text in the Annual Report template. If you have any questions about what the data represent in a given table, please refer to the .PDF version of the FY 2009 PBGC FOIA Annual Report.

  • Table IV - Exemption 3 Statutes
  • Table V.A - Received, Processed and Pending FOIA Requests
  • Table V.B(1) - Disposition of FOIA Requests-All Processed Requests
  • Table V.B(2) - Disposition of FOIA Requests-Other Reasons for Full Denials
  • Table V.B(3) - Disposition of FOIA Requests-Number of Times Exemptions Applied
  • Table VI.A - Received, Processed and Pending Administrative Appeals
  • Table VI.B - Disposition of Administrative Appeals-All Processed Appeals
  • Table VI.C(1) - Reasons for Denial on Appeal-Number of Times Exemptions Applied
  • Table VI.C(2) - Reasons for Denial on Appeal-Reasons Other Than Exemptions
  • Table VI.C(3) - Reasons for Denial on Appeal-Other Reasons From VI.C(2) Chart
  • Table VI.C(4) - Response Time for Administrative Appeals
  • Table VI.C(5) - Ten Oldest Pending Administrative Appeals
  • Table VII.A - Processed Requests-Response Time for All Processed Perfected Requests
  • Table VII.B - Processed Requests-Response Time for Perfected Requests in which Information was Granted
  • Table VII.C - Processed Requests-Response Time in Day Increments
  • Table VII.D - Pending Requests-All Pending Perfected Requests
  • Table VII.E - Pending Requests-Ten Oldest Pending Perfected Requests
  • Table VIII.A - Requests for Expedited Processing
  • Table VIII.B - Requests for Fee Waiver
  • Table IX.A - Personnel
  • Table IX.B - Costs
  • Table X - Fees Collected for Processing Requests
  • Table XII.A - Backlogs of FOIA Requests and Administrative Appeals
  • Table XII.B - Consultations on FOIA Requests-Received, Processed and Pending Consultations
  • Table XII.C - Consultations on FOIA Requests-Ten Oldest Consultations Received from Other Agencies and Pending
  • Table XII.D - Comparison of Numbers of Requests from Previous and Current Annual Report-Requests Received, Processed and Backlogged
  • Table XII.E - Comparison of Numbers of Administrative Appeals from Previous and Current Annual Report-Appeals Received, Processed and Backlogged
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