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Online Premium Filing With My PAA


My PAA Enhancements effective Monday, August 23rd

  • Added a direct link to My PAA Online Demos and Instructions by Topic to the tool bar of every page in the application.
  • Clarified how to edit filing/payment data if already in the certification process (Return for Edit rather than Reject). For details, please review this demo.
  • Specified what data to enter in the Plan Administrator Details section when certifying as a Plan Admin Rep in My PAA (enter the actual Plan Administrator’s name, not the entity or a third-party representative).

Ongoing Reminders:

The following enhancements have been implemented since the new version of My PAA went live in late April based on practitioner feedback received:

  • The process for amending a filing has been simplified and streamlined. For details, please review this “knowledge” article and/or this video demo. (7/30/2021)
  • Disable automated filing status emails for any other team members, or for every plan in your My PAA account.
  • Send personalized message notifications directly from the Plan Details page of My PAA to filing team members or any other outside email address.
  • Enhanced the Filing Details page to more clearly indicate what needs to happen in order to submit a screen prepared filing (filing status, next sequential step, etc.). 
  • Added the Filing Summary and draft Filing Receipt buttons to the pre-submission Filing Preparer page (before sending for actuary certification).
  • Added a direct link (shortcut) to the “In-Process” filing page, available from the main site tool bar, which appears on every My PAA page
  • Please review the following training materials to familiarize yourself with the new My PAA, Online Demonstrations & In-Site Knowledge Articles

  • New Version of My PAA Now Available: The new and improved version of My PAA is now available and ready to accept electronic premium filings for plan years beginning in 2021. PBGC encourages all premium filers to review these resources. Note: You will retain your current username but will need to create a new password the first time you log into My PAA on or after April 26.
  • PBGC has new mailing addresses for premium payments and correspondence: Premium Filing Payment & Instructions
  • See the top of the My PAA Login Page for any outage information and helpful reminders.
  • Always verify and use the most current payment addresses that are on our website for all premium filings, including filings for prior plan years. In addition, always show the EIN/PN and PYC on all payments.
  • If you want to pay online via My PAA or, be sure that your account will allow PBGC to pull the payment.  If your account has an "ACH Debit Block", you must give the following PBGC Company ID(s) to your financial institution before you submit your payment:  1601000606 to pay via My PAA or 1601000603 to pay via
  • If you forget to print the check voucher while you are in My PAA, you may print a blank check voucher from our website and complete the requested data to help ensure that the check is posted promptly and accurately to the plan’s Account History (e.g., EIN/PN).
  • Keep your My PAA account current.  Use the password rules when you set up or change your password; update your account when there is a change to your name, email address, telephone number; and deactivate your account if it is no longer needed. Also, once per year, the system will prompt you to review your account information and make any needed updates when you login.
  • Regularly review each plan's online premium account history (on the Plan Page) to see if there are any premium underpayments or overpayments to address.  
  • Be aware that premium data may be prepopulated on the My PAA screens for your review (e.g., if there appear to be any available overpayments to use as premium credits) and warnings may be displayed if data appears to be incorrect or inconsistent (e.g., if the plan’s effective date is different from the previously reported date).
  • To help use My PAA effectively, review the online Demos and use the most current version of the most compatible browsers
  • To sign up to receive "What's New" alerts, visit the What's New for Practitioners page.
  • If you have any premium-related questions, please contact our premium representatives at or 1-800-736-2444 and select “2” for premiums.


My Plan Administration Account (My PAA) is a secure Web-based application that enables pension plan professionals to electronically submit premium filings and payments to PBGC in accordance with PBGC's regulations. PBGC's mandatory filing requirements apply to all types of filings, including both original and amended filings. Using My PAA to electronically submit your premium filings:

  • Streamlines the premium filing process for users.
  • Helps users prepare, and PBGC process, premium filings faster and more accurately.
  • Provides immediate confirmation of date and time that PBGC received your filing.
  • Helps PBGC provide more accurate and timely invoices.
  • Speeds up refund processing.
  • Offers filing options that enable filers to view premium data submitted.
  • Enables on-line access to plan premium filing account histories.


  1. Create a My PAA account Each person who will take part in the filing process must first register for a My PAA account. Each person only registers once because the username, password and secret question/answer that are set up during registration are used for all plans, premium filings, filing options, and My PAA tasks. Review the create an account demonstration
  2. Identify the plan's "filing coordinator" The filing coordinator is the person who typically ensures that the plan's premium filings are submitted on time and has the responsibility to perform My PAA administrative tasks for the plan. The responsible parties for the plan (e.g., the plan administrator, plan sponsor, enrolled actuary) should work together to determine who will be the plan's filing coordinator. Anyone can be the filing coordinator (e.g., the plan administrator's representative, actuary, consultant, etc.) as long as there is agreement among the plan or sponsor and the people involved.
  3. Determine which filing option and payment method to use The plan's administrator/sponsor (with assistance from the filing coordinator and support staff) determines the filing option to use from among the three options outlined below. You may find it helpful to review the Comparison Chart of Premium Filing Options document when determining the best option for your needs.
  4. Add a plan (filing coordinators only) >The filing coordinator adds at least one plan to his/her My PAA account. Review the add a plan demonstration
  5. Set up filing team (filing coordinators only) The filing coordinator sets up the filing team for the plan (if applicable) by inviting other practitioners who will be involved with the filing process (e.g., who will contribute to the filing) and assigning them appropriate permissions. Review the Manage Roles demonstration
  6. Prepare/submit premium filing(s) The appropriate filing team member begins the filing process using the desired filing option. The remaining steps in the filing process are dependent upon the option selected and the make up of the filing team.

Filing option 1 - Create and submit filings via My PAA's Data Entry and Editing Screens only for plans reflected in your account.

  • Each person who will prepare, edit or sign a filing must have a My PAA account. (If a plan administrator representative signs for the plan administrator, the plan administrator must certify a paper version of the filing and retain the certified document in plan files.)
  • Each filing is created separately in My PAA and submitted individually to PBGC.
  • Payment may be made within My PAA or outside My PAA.
    More about filing option 1

Filing option 2 - Import filings created with compatible private-sector software and submit them via My PAA only for plans reflected in your account.

  • Each person who will prepare, edit or sign a filing must have a My PAA account. (If a plan administrator representative signs for the plan administrator, the plan administrator must certify a paper version of the filing and retain the certified document in plan files.)
  • More than one filing can be imported at a time. (Functionality will be available in August 2021)
  • Each imported filing is submitted individually to PBGC.
  • Payment may be made within My PAA or outside My PAA.
    More about filing option 2

Filing option 3 - Upload and submit filings created with compatible private-sector software only for plans reflected in your account.

  • Only the person performing the upload is required to have a My PAA account.
  • More than one filing can be uploaded and submitted at the same time. (Functionality will be available in August 2021)
  • Filings must be certified before they are uploaded (typically done on a paper version of the filing) and certifications must be retained in plan files.
  • For uploads which contain a single filing, payments may be made within My PAA or outside My PAA.
  • For uploads which contain more than one filing, payments must be made outside of My PAA.
    More about filing option 3
Last Updated: August 24, 2021