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Overview of Recent Changes

On Monday, April 26, 2021, PBGC launched a new version of the My Plan Administration Account (My PAA) premium filing application.

What are the key enhancements?

Do I need to recreate all my accounts?

Do I need to change my current username and password?

Is training available?

Does the new version of My PAA support the same web browsers as previously supported?

Who should I contact if I have questions?

What are the key enhancements?

In addition to a modern look and feel, the new version of My PAA includes multiple enhancements to improve customer experience with plan management and premium filings, such as:

  • Screen-prepared filings
    • Current “route/retrieve” process eliminated. Multiple team members will be able review/edit draft filings without first being given “control” of the draft.
    • Send personalized messages to other filing team members directly from the Plan Details page.
    • Sequential filing status transitions and and automated emails based on team member roles.
    • Enhanced Filing Task History from the Filing Details page. 
      • Now displays which premium filing steps have already been completed and what steps must still occur before submitting a premium filing.
  • Uploaded filings
    • XML files screened for errors before submission process is complete.
    • Enhanced status tracking of uploaded XML files.
    • Ability to save your progress on an uploaded XML file and certify later.
  • Improved communications
    • “Ask a Question” feature – An interactive communication tool with PBGC customer service representatives. Replaces phone calls and email that automatically logs all communications.
    • Streamlined training materials now available in the main tool bar of every My PAA page, including information about how to navigate within My PAA and file premiums:
  • Simplified process for:
    • Adding a new person to the My PAA Filing Team for a particular plan.
    • Filing for the first time (e.g., creating new plans within My PAA).
    • Updating information about the plan administrator (e.g., address, telephone number)

Additional information about these enhancements will be available soon.

Do I need to recreate all my accounts?

No. All current My PAA users, roles and plans have been migrated to the new system. Previously submitted filings for 2014 and later plan years were also migrated.

Do I need to change my username and password?

You will retain your current username but will need to create a new password the first time you log into the new version of My PAA.

Is training available?

Yes, the Online Demos page and the online "knowledge articles", which are My PAA instructions (Published Answers).

Does the new version of My PAA support the same web browsers as previously supported?

As is the case with the current version of My PAA, the new version also supports Chrome, Edge and Firefox. It no longer supports Internet Explorer.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or call (800) 736-2444 (TTY/ASCII users may call 711).

Last Updated: August 17, 2022