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We have finished re-valuing the assets inherited from United Airlines' plans. For more than four out of five people receiving benefits, there will be no change. For people whose benefits will change, there will be a slight increase (almost all increases will be less than one percent).

82% of UAL Retiree Pension Benefits Did Not Change. For the 18% Whose benefits did change... 8,247 people were underpaid on average less than one percent. How much will their benefits increase going forward? 65% will get 0.05% more. 9% will get 0.05% - 0.75% more. 25% will get 0.75% - 1.00% more. 1% will get an increase of more than 1.00%.

If you are affected, we will notify you by mail. To check on the status of our mailings, click your plan page link below. To find out more about why we re-did this valuation work and how it may affect you, see the frequently asked questions below.

FAQ: UAL Asset Audit Review and Changes to Participants’ Benefits

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