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What is the Accrued-at-Normal Limit? - Hourly Video Transcript

The Accrued-at-Normal Limitation limits PBGC’s guarantee of your benefit to the amount that would be payable as a Straight Life Annuity beginning on your Normal Retirement Date as set by your pension plan.

In your plan, this is the amount of the unreduced Basic Benefit.

Since the supplements provided with the 60 & 10, 30 Year, and Rule-of-85 Retirements end before the Normal Retirement Date, those supplements may not be fully guaranteed. However, if you were older than age 62 and 1 month on July 31, 2009, the date of plan termination, and your supplement payments had already stopped, or if you were receiving one of the other retirement types with no supplement, your benefit will not be affected by the Accrued-at-Normal Limitation.

Also, if you are receiving a Disability Retirement benefit, your supplement is not subject to the Accrued-at-Normal Limitation.

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