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Insured Single-Employer Plans FAQs

If you don't know your plan's name, you can find it by entering your employer's name. If your employer sponsors more than one plan, you can call the plan administrator to find out which one you're in.

There are several possibilities. For instance, your plan may not be a private-sector defined benefit plan, which is the only kind of plan insured by PBGC. (See "We've Got You Covered" for more information.)

Plans sponsored by small professional service employers, government plans, and "church"–sponsored pension plans are typically not covered by PBGC.

Or maybe your plan is not on the list because your employer has not paid premiums recently. If so, your pension is still insured. You do not lose your coverage just because your employer doesn't pay premiums.

The plan is still covered even if your employer stops paying premiums to PBGC.

Contact your plan administrator or your employer, and ask for your plan's Summary Plan Description. This document will tell you if your plan is insured by PBGC.

The vast majority of plans on this list are insured. However, sometimes employers pay premiums even if the pension plan is not covered by PBGC. Typically these are plans sponsored by religious organizations, government entities, or very small businesses. If your employer is paying premiums in error, your plan may not be covered. To be sure, call your plan administrator and ask for a Summary Plan Description. This document will tell you if your plan is insured by PBGC.

If your plan is listed but has no contact number, it means none was submitted in the plan’s filing with PBGC. You may be able to find a contact number in one of the following ways:

  • Check any paperwork you have from your pension plan
  • Do an Internet search on the company’s or plan’s name
  • Look up the pension plan’s filing with the Department of Labor

PBGC got this information from the premium filings submitted by pension plan administrators to PBGC.

PBGC always works to keep pension plans going. However if your plan fails, PBGC will pay your benefit up to the limits set by Congress. Currently, the limit is about $67,295.40 for a 65-year-old. There are other types of limits, too, such as for early retirement benefits. For more information, see "Your Guaranteed Pension."

Your plan is ongoing, under the sponsorship of your employer. To apply for your benefit, contact your plan administrator.

Last Updated: February 26, 2021