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This page has not been translated. Please go to's Spanish home page for more information available in Spanish.

Esta página no ha sido traducida. Por favor vaya a la página principal del sitio de español de PBGC para ver información disponible en español.

Welcome to PBGC

If you recently received a letter telling you that PBGC is now responsible for paying your pension benefit, this page is your gateway to PBGC.

Your pension benefit is safe and secure. You are our customer, and we look forward to serving you.

If you are currently receiving a pension benefit, your payments will continue without interruption. If you are not yet receiving a pension benefit, we will begin paying you as soon as you are eligible and apply to receive your pension benefit.

  • The easiest way to connect with PBGC is through our online service, MyPBA. It's fast, free and available 24/7. Sign up and get started today!
  • Federal law protects your pension benefit, but also limits PBGC's guarantees. To learn more, visit our Benefits section.
  • Your letter from PBGC tells you which year's guarantee limits apply to your plan. See the table of maximum guarantee limits by year.
  • For more information about PBGC, see our frequently asked questions.
  • If your plan has failed, use the trusteed pension plan search to learn more about PBGC's trusteeship of your plan.
  • Electronic Direct Deposit gives you easy access to your monthly benefit. Sign up through MyPBA, or see Your Safest Way to Get Your Money.
  • Need help? Visit our Contact Us page for hours and more information.
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