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This page has not been translated. Please go to's Spanish home page for more information available in Spanish.

Esta página no ha sido traducida. Por favor vaya a la página principal del sitio de español de PBGC para ver información disponible en español.


Cookies are pieces of information shared between cooperating pieces of software. Cookies are widely used on the Internet to enable someone other than the user to link a computing device to previous web actions by the same device. Cookies make actions like authentication of web visitors, personalization of content, and delivery of targeted advertising possible. There are two types of cookies: session and persistent. Session cookies expire once the user closes the browser. Persistent cookies, however, remain on the user's system for an extended period of time.

PBGC uses both session cookies and persistent cookies. It does not use either type of cookie to track, collect, or store personally identifiable information and PBGC cookies do not track activity on non-PBGC websites.

The PBGC website, including its online services for workers and retirees (MyPBA) and for practitioners (My PAA and e-4010), uses session cookies to recognize registered users and assist them in navigating the applications in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

PBGC uses persistent cookies to enable third-party companies to differentiate between new and returning visitors to our online resources. This means that a user's computer accepts and holds persistent cookies between visits to until they expire after two years. The use of persistent cookies blocks some repeated invitations to answer survey questions. The persistent cookie that blocks repeated survey invitations expires in not more than 180 days. Information about users' use of the site is anonymously tabulated with information collected from other visitors. This helps PBGC understand how visitors use its website and make improvements to the website. The information will be used only by PBGC. PBGC maintains a list of third-party companies involved with the PBGC website.

Users do not have to accept all cookies from PBGC, but choosing not to may make some of the functions on PBGC sites unavailable. Instructions for opting out of the use of persistent cookies can be found at Opting-out does not affect users' ability to access comparable information or services from PBGC. To comment on the usability of the PBGC website, you may send email to the PBGC Webmaster:

If you have questions or comments, or would like to contact PBGC without using our online services, please call the Customer Contact Center at 1-800-400-7242. Check our Contact Us Page for hours and more information.

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