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Reciprocity agreement

Opinion Letter 85-22

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 85-22 Septembe r 11, 1985 RE FERENCE: [*1] 4243 Reorganization Funding OP INION: Th is is in response to your request for an opinion of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (the "PBGC") as to wheth er the * * * Reciprocal Agreement * * * operates so as to impose on certain employers and defined contributionpensi on plan s the minimum contribution requirements of Sect ion 4243 of the Employee Retirement Income Security Actof 19 74 ("ERISA") or the withdrawal liability provisions of Section 4201 of ERISA.

Opinion Letter 85-30

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 85-30 December 9, 1985 RE FERENCE: [*1] 4041A Multiemployer Termination404 1A(c) Multiemployer Termination. Distribution of Assets404 1A(f)(1) Multiemployer Termination. Lump Sum Payments OP INION: Th is is in res ponse to your recent letter regarding a transfer of assets an d liabilities from the * * * Local Union * ** Pension Trust Fund (the "Fund"), which is a terminat ed multiemployer pension plan, to other multiemployer pensi onplans pur suant to reciprocity agreements.

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