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Delphi Announcements

Retirees: Payee Information Form Required

PBGC sent a Payee Information Form (PIF) to each Delphi participant who was already receiving benefits when the plans terminated. We use this form to confirm the information we received from the plans about you, and you must complete and return the form in order to continue to receive benefits from PBGC. If you have already returned your PIF, thank you for your cooperation. If you have not yet returned your PIF, please complete and return the form as soon as possible to avoid suspension of your benefit payments. If you have any questions or need a new form, call 1-800-400-7242 for assistance.

Retirees: Change to Deductions from Pension Payments

PBGC only allows deductions from pension payments for federal tax and for certain court-ordered deductions. Once PBGC begins making your pension payments in January 2010, any other deductions that are currently taken from your pension check, such as life or health insurance premiums, charitable contributions, union dues and state taxes, will no longer be deducted from your pension payments. Please be sure to make the necessary arrangements to make these payments by some other means.

Future Retirees: Estimated Benefit Calculations

Due to the high volume of requests for benefit estimates, PBGC is presently calculating benefit estimates only for participants who are requesting that their benefit payments begin within the next 6 months. We appreciate your patience and cooperation, and regret any inconvenience this may cause.

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