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Notice to Participants (NTP)

Notice to Participants (NTP)

At times, PBGC places ads in local and national newspapers to inform participants that the agency is taking responsibility for their plan. When this happens, PBGC pays all earned benefits up to the limits set by law. PBGC takes this action when the plan doesn’t have enough money to pay all promised benefits and the employer is financially unable to maintain the plan. Publication of these ads end any expectation that participants will earn further benefits under their pension plan. Our latest ads are curated on this page.

01/31/19: Sears Holdings - USA Today 

01/31/19: Sheet Metal Products, Inc. - Star Ledger

02/28/19: Carrie Steele-Pitts, Home, Inc. - Atlanta Journal Constitution

03/31/19: Credit Managers Association of California - Glendale News-Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal

04/30/19: Imation Cash Balance Pension Plan - Twin Cities Pioneer Press, DeSoto Times-Tribune

05/31/19: Black United Fund Defined Benefit Plan - Star Ledger

Last updated July 9, 2019