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PBGC Customer Service Plan

PBGC Customer Service Plan

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) is a wholly owned government entity established to guarantee the pension benefits of workers. We have built a strong culture of providing services to meet the needs of those who rely upon our existence. In fact, the agency received an award in 2007 for continuous use of customer survey data in strategic planning and as a performance measure to assess and improve programs, services, and website content.

Our service culture is one that incorporates the question “What impact will this have on the customer?” in all of our decision-making. Our key customers are:

  1. participants, the workers and retirees in pension plans
  2. pension practitioners, the pension plan sponsors, administrators, and premium filers, and
  3. visitors to the agency website

Listening to Customers

We regularly solicit feedback from our customers through customer surveys, usability studies, and focus groups. We use the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey methodology, an objective third-party approach allowing comparison with both government and private entities. Specific areas we target for improvement include the handling of calls to our Customer Contact Centers, benefit payments and estimates, premium filings and payments, and online information and transactions. We also emphasize service internally via periodic customer service training for front-line staff, regular surveys and focus groups on the service received from internal support organizations, and a customer service component in every employee’s performance plan.

Using Customer Feedback

We maintain service standards for each customer group and regularly report on performance against goals. Sharing our standards helps the agency manage performance expectations and establishes a means for accountability to our customers. Customer service standards, part of our Customer Service Pledge, are available on each Web page and visible throughout the workplace. We share the results of customer feedback in periodic newsletters to customers and employees and in agency performance reports.

We maintain customer-service levels through a continuous cycle of soliciting feedback, analysis of strengths and gaps, and follow-through on customer concerns. We have established Customer Satisfaction Working Groups that lead objective discussions and evaluations of customer feedback and make recommendations to program managers, who use customer feedback to strengthen their business cases for change and identify areas where benchmarks and best practices might be useful.

Improving the Customer Experience

PBGC strives to deliver an exceptional experience for customers. Recent improvements include a website redesign that makes information easier to find and improves the look and feel, online access to participant payment histories, expanded system capacity for the missing participant search, and enhanced premium filing validations. Customers provided feedback to improve these areas. We have also increased customer responsiveness with the consolidation of several stand-alone systems into core applications, expanded quality review of customer calls, and leveraged use of business tools. We will continue to use technology to streamline service delivery and improve customer service including providing online benefit calculations for participants in FY 2013.