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My PAA Online Demonstrations

Click a link below to review the desired demonstration which includes audio and text captioning. When the video loads, the play/pause buttons will be located in the bottom left corner. You can move to a specific section of the presentation using the slide control across the bottom. Note that some of the screens and functionality have changed since these recordings were made (e.g., the credit card payment option has been removed). Please use the demos to get familiar with the overall e-filing process rather than to review the specific data or layout of the screens.

Getting started (for all filing options)

  1. Create an account (5:00)
  2. Add a plan as filing coordinator (4:57)
  3. Invite a practitioner (8:13)


Create a filing using My PAA data entry and editing screens (Filing Option 1)

  1. Create a Comprehensive filing for a Single Employer plan (18:25)
  2. Create a Comprehensive filing for a Multiemployer plan (13:59)


Import software-prepared filing(s) Into My PAA editing screens (Filing Option 2)

  1. Import one or more filings (3:22)


Finalize and submit a screen-prepared or imported software-prepared filing (Filing Option 1 or 2)

  1. Review, edit, route, and sign a filing (9:44)
  2. Select payment alternative (13:11)
  3. Submit a Comprehensive filing (3:01)


Upload software-prepared filing(s) via My PAA (Filing Option 3)

  1. Upload a filing (3:09)
  2. Payment alternatives for an uploaded filing (2:27)



Click the following link to view the content presented in our September 2009 Webcasts, including e-filing tips and representations of the My PAA screens used to create, sign, authorize payment, and submit a 2009 Comprehensive Filing.

Presentation from September 2009 Webcasts (PDF)