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What's New in My PAA (August 2014)

The following changes are now in effect. Please refer to the updated My PAA Users Manual for details.

  • We have modified the certification method for My PAA screen-prepared and imported filings to allow the plan administrator to certify an e-filing manually instead of having to log into My PAA and certify electronically. For this new procedure, the plan's Filing Coordinator assigns a new "permission" called Plan Administrator's Representative. The PA Representative is responsible for electronically signing the filing within My PAA and certifying that the Plan Administrator has manually certified the filing.
  • There is a new payment method that you can now use to electronically pay a premium or late payment charges outside My PAA —
  • There are new mailing addresses for sending checks and an updated check voucher (which reflects the new addresses).
  • The printing of filing receipts for newly submitted filings has been improved by enabling printing in a pdf format.
  • For My PAA screen-prepared and imported filings, the progress bar on the top of the screens now shows 4 steps to help clarify whether a filing has been submitted.
  • There are bullets at the top of the My PAA Login Page that provide direct access to important e-filing information, e.g., what's new, detailed password rules, and information about how to use My PAA (e.g., demos and FAQs).
  • The Home Page shows all of the in-process filings for the plans in your account as well as who is holding each filing (and you may change the sorting of the columns). In addition, you can search for a particular plan in the Plans in Your Account section by entering the plan's name or EIN. 

Note about 2014 filings: PBGC issued a final regulation that affects 2014 premium filings. In particular:

  • Large plans no longer have to submit estimated flat-rate premiums early in the year,
  • The way small plans determine the variable-rate premium has changed, and
  • The due date for small plans has been accelerated.

Ongoing Reminders:

  • To sign up for "What's New" alerts, visit the What's New for Practitioners page.
  • To sign up for monthly Filing Reminders, visit the Practitioner Filing Reminders page.
  • To see if there are any premium underpayments or overpayments, regularly view the plan's online premium account history via My PAA.  

What is Online Premium Filing (My PAA)?

My Plan Administration Account (My PAA) is a secure Web-based application that enables pension plan professionals to electronically submit premium filings and payments to PBGC in accordance with PBGC's regulations.  PBGC's mandatory e-filing requirements apply to all types of filings, including both original and amended filings. Using My PAA to electronically submit your premium filings:

  • Streamlines the premium filing process for users.
  • Helps users prepare, and PBGC process, premium filings faster and more accurately.
  • Provides immediate confirmation of date and time that PBGC received your filing.
  • Helps PBGC provide more accurate and timely invoices.
  • Speeds up refund processing.
  • Offers filing options that enable filers to view premium data submitted.
  • Enables on-line access to plan premium filing account histories.

How to Get Started

  1. Create a My PAA account

    Each person who will take part in the e-filing process must first register for a My PAA account. Each person only registers once because the user ID, password and secret question/answer that are set up during registration are used for all plans, premium filings, e-filing options, and My PAA tasks.
    Review the create an account demonstration
  2. Identify the plan's "filing coordinator"

    The filing coordinator is the person who typically ensures that the plan's premium filings are submitted on time and has the responsibility to perform My PAA administrative tasks for the plan. The responsible parties for the plan (e.g., the plan administrator, plan sponsor, enrolled actuary) should work together to determine who will be the plan's filing coordinator. Anyone can be the filing coordinator (e.g., the plan administrator's representative, actuary, consultant, etc.) as long as there is agreement among the plan or sponsor and the people involved.
  3. Determine which e-filing option and payment method to use

    The plan's administrator/sponsor (with assistance from the filing coordinator and support staff) determines the e-filing option to use from among the three options outlined below. You may find it helpful to review the Comparison Chart of Premium E-Filing Options and the Overview of E-Filing Process documents when determining the best option for your needs.
Filing option 1 - Create and submit filings via My PAA's Data Entry and Editing Screens only for plans reflected in your account.
  • Each person who will prepare, edit or sign a filing must have a My PAA account.
  • Each filing is created separately in My PAA and submitted individually to PBGC.
  • Payment may be made within My PAA or outside My PAA.
    More about filing option 1

Filing option 2 - Import filings created with compatible private-sector software and submit them via My PAA only for plans reflected in your account.

  • Each person who will prepare, edit or sign a filing must have a My PAA account.
  • More than one filing can be imported at a time.
  • Each imported filing is submitted individually to PBGC.
  • Payment may be made within My PAA or outside My PAA.
    More about filing option 2

Filing option 3 - Upload and submit filings created with compatible private-sector software for any plan if at least one plan is in the uploader's account (even for plans not reflected in the person's account).

  • Only the person performing the upload is required to have a My PAA account.
  • More than one filing can be uploaded and submitted at the same time.
  • Filings must be certified (typically done on a paper version of the filing) and certifications must be retained in plan files.
  • For uploads which contain a single filing, payments may be made within My PAA or outside My PAA.
  • For uploads which contain more than one filing, payments must be made outside of My PAA.
    More about filing option 3
  1. Add a plan (filing coordinators only)

    The filing coordinator adds at least one plan to his/her My PAA account using information from the plan's last premium filing for the most current plan year. For example, one of the entries required is the net premium due after credits are taken ($0 or greater).

    Review the add a plan demonstration
  2. Set up filing team (filing coordinators only)

    The filing coordinator sets up the e-filing team for the plan (if applicable) by inviting other practitioners who will be involved with the e-filing process (e.g., who will contribute to the e-filing) and assigning them appropriate permissions.

    Review the Invite practitioner demonstration
  3. Prepare/submit premium filing(s)

    The appropriate filing team member begins the e-filing process using the desired filing option. The remaining steps in the filing process are dependent upon the option selected and the make up of the filing team.

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