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These videos are from 2010. The information may still be helpful if you have questions about a topic.

What happens nowWhat happens now? (Video)

Duration: 3:36 min. | Transcript

What if I have a divorce order?What if I have a divorce order? (Video)

Duration: 0:46 min. | Transcript

When is my benefit final?When is my benefit final? (Video)

Duration: 3:20 min. | Transcript

Your Delphi Plan Benefit

Some terms you need to knowSome terms you need to know. (Video)

Duration: 1:32 min. | Transcript

What benefits did the Delphi Hourly Plan provideWhat benefits did the Delphi Hourly Plan provide? (Video)

Duration: 4:03 min. | Transcript

Will my beneficiary get survivor paymentsWill my beneficiary get survivor payments? (Video)

Duration: 2:28 min. | Transcript

Legal Limits on Benefits PBGC Can Pay

What are the Legal LimitsWhat are the Legal Limits? (Video)

Duration: 1:46 min. | Transcript

What is the Accrued-at-Normal limitWhat is the Accrued-at-Normal Limit? (Video)

Duration: 1:10 min. | Transcript

What is the Maximum Guaranteeable Benefit LimitWhat is the Maximum Guaranteeable Benefit Limit? (Video)

Duration: 3:56 min. | Transcript

What is the Phase-In limitWhat is the Phase-In Limit? (Video)

Duration: 2:10 min. | Transcript

How do the limits affect my benefitHow do the Limits affect my benefit? (Video)

Duration: 3:47 min. | Transcript

Benefit Calculation Examples

Three examples: Which is for meThree examples: Which is for me? (Video)

Duration: 1:26 min. | Transcript

Example 1: Retiree older than 62Example 1: Retiree older than 62 (Video)

Duration: 6:07 min. | Transcript

Example 2: Retiree younger than 62Example 2: Retiree younger than 62 (Video)

Duration: 12:07 min. | Transcript

Example 3: Mutual retirementExample 3: Mutually Satisfactory Retirement (Video)

Duration: 10:35 min. | Transcript

Closing Remarks:

Closing Remarks: PBGC's Acting Director, Vince SnowbargerPBGC's Acting Director, Vince Snowbarger, 12/16/2009 (Video)

Duration: 1:50 min. | Transcript