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What Can I Do With MyPBA?

What Can I Do With MyPBA?


What can I do with MyPBA?

  • Download and submit your application for pension benefits
  • View and print your IRS Form 1099-R, which reports the amount we paid you
  • Designate or edit your federal tax withholdings
  • Designate your beneficiary or change beneficiary information
  • Change your address, telephone number, or email address  
  • Sign up for electronic direct deposit (EDD) or edit your existing EDD information
  • View payment information such as address of record, payment status, and canceled checks
  • Ask us to send you an estimate of your future benefit payment 

What are the advantages of online transactions using MyPBA?

  • Transactions are processed faster using PBGC's online service. You don't have to wait for forms in the mail!
  • Online transactions are safe, confidential, and completely secure.
  • MyPBA provides confirmation of the date and time that PBGC received your information.
  • MyPBA helps PBGC provide more accurate and timely response.