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United Airlines – Benefit Determination Status (Updated as of 08/15/2012) info

United Airlines – Benefit Determination Status (Updated as of 08/15/2012)

Since June of 2005 when PBGC assumed responsibility for the United Airlines pension plans, almost 125,000 out of 126,000 participants / retirees have received Benefit Determination Letters. We interrupted processing of these letters while we were re-doing the asset valuations for the four UAL plans. We have finished re-doing that work, and some participants who have already received their Benefit Determination Letters — about one in five, among retirees — will get slightly greater benefits as a result. We will now resume processing the remaining 1,300 benefit determinations. For more information on changes to benefits determined earlier, please see FAQ: UAL Asset Audit Review and Changes to Participants' Benefits.

The total number of BDs remaining to be issued (approximately 1,300) is distributed as follows:

  • Pilots Fixed Benefit Income Plan 400
  • Ground Employees' Retirement Plan 300
  • Management, Administrative & Public Contact (MAPC) Pension Plan 600