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Private-Sector Software Compatible with PBGC's Premium E-Filing Requirements

My Plan Administration Account (My PAA) is the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation's (PBGC's) premium e-filing application, which permits the following three electronic filing options:

  • Filing Option 1: Prepare premium filings via My PAA's Data Entry and Editing Screens
  • Filing Option 2: Import premium filings created in private-sector software into My PAA's Data Entry and Editing Screens
  • Filing Option 3: Upload premium filings created in private-sector software

In order for a premium filer to use Option 2 (Import filings) or Option 3 (Upload filings), the filer must use software that allows creation of XML files compatible with My PAA, and the vendor/developer must have received a vendor identification number from PBGC.

To date, the following private-sector software vendors/developers have supplied PBGC with sample electronic premium filings that meet PBGC's current technical requirements for an XML file for the plan years shown below. As a result, PBGC has assigned each of these vendors a vendor identification number:

  • ASC Corporation (2009 to 2017)
  • BLAZE SSI Corp. (2005 to 2017)
  • DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc. (2005 to 2017)
  • (2005 to 2016)
  • Principal Financial Group (2005 to 2016)
  • FIS - Relius Government Forms (2005 to 2016)

Additional vendor/developer information will be added to this list as sample filings are submitted that meet PBGC's technical requirements. As the technical requirements change (e.g., to conform My PAA to changes involving a new plan year), all vendors/developers, including those previously assigned an identification number by PBGC, must submit updated sample filings to PBGC for verification against the newly updated XML requirements. Therefore, the list of verified vendors/developers may change from year to year.

For more information about premium e-filing via My PAA, please click here:
Online Premium Filing (My PAA)

Please note that the inclusion of a specific vendor/developer on this list is not a PBGC endorsement of that vendor/developer's software. It means only that the vendor/developer has submitted electronic premium filing samples that meet PBGC's most current technical requirements for an XML file for premium e-filings. Should you have any questions about your software, please contact your software vendor/developer.