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Press Room


  • Aug 7

    Statement by PBGC on Avaya’s pension plans

    The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) released the following statement today on Avaya’s new plan of reorganization, including the proposal to maintain its pension plan for hourly employees but end its pension plan for salaried employees.

    • statement: 02
  • Feb 13

    PBGC Announces Appointments

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is pleased to announce two appointments to key positions. Nicole Puri has been named the agency’s Risk Management Officer and Adi Berger is the Director for the Corporate Finance & Restructuring Department.

    Risk Management Officer - Nicole Puri


  • Nov 15

    Karen Morris Appointed Chief of Negotiations and Restructuring

    Contact: Marc Hopkins 202.326.4149

    WASHINGTON - The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation announced the appointment of Deputy Chief Counsel Karen Morris as Chief of Negotiations and Restructuring, where she will play a key role in  the agency's efforts to preserve traditional pension plans.

  • Oct 28

    PBGC Guarantee Limit for Single-Employer Plans Increases for 2017

    WASHINGTON - The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation announced today that the guarantee limit for single-employer plans that fail in 2017 will be higher than the limit that applied for 2015 and 2016.

    The following table shows the maximum annual guarantee limits for 2017 for sample ages and payment forms. Amounts for other ages are posted on a table on PBGC's website.

  • Jul 21

    PBGC Announces Brenecia Watson as Director of Equal Employment Opportunity

    WASHINGTON - The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation announced the arrival of Brenecia Watson, who will expand PBGC's efforts to build a diverse workforce and maintain a discrimination-free, inclusive work environment. As the new Director of Equal Employment Opportunity, she oversees a range of initiatives that include integrating EEO principles into PBGC practices, training, and conflict resolution.

  • Jul 6

    President Names Joyce M. St. Clair to PBGC Advisory Committee

    WASHINGTON - President Obama has appointed Joyce M. St. Clair to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

    "Joyce has a deep background in the financial services sector, serving in senior leadership positions both here and abroad," said PBGC Director Tom Reeder. "She will be a welcome addition to the Advisory Committee, and we look forward to working with her."

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