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Informational graphic with silhouette of call center representative on the right. The graph describes the responsibilities of the 70 team members mentioned in the article and the call volume received over the past two years, also mentioned in the article.

When retirees and workers wish to contact PBGC, they first turn to the Customer Contact Center, which does its best to answer every call.

The center is nestled in Kingstowne, Va., outside of the hustle and bustle of Washington. Its representatives are the agency's first responders, making sure no call goes unanswered.

The team of 70 comprised of two federal managers, 13 contact center leadership team members, and 55 customer service representatives, regularly communicate with the Corporation's Field Benefit Administrators (FBA), transferring participants' calls to the FBAs to ensure questions on benefit entitlement are answered. The center also transfers calls to the Corporation's lawyers when participants have inquiries regarding legal matters.

The number of calls received fluctuates each month. From 2010 to 2012, the center received an average of 521,000 calls yearly or about 2,000 every business day.

Although positive accolades come into the center, improvements are not put on hold. The center is constantly looking for innovative ways to help the customer.

Future developments include offering participants the opportunity to change their tax withholding preferences via phone, which may be available at the end of the month. In the future, there are plans to modernize the call center's Interactive Voice Response system which will not only aid participants, but serve as a gateway for enhanced customer service.

For now, the customer service representatives continue their ongoing goal of providing top-notch service which supports the Corporation's mission.

Visit the PBGC YouTube channel to see and hear what takes place behind the scenes during a typical work day at the Kingstowne facility in Alexandria, Va.

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