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PBGC will pay retirement benefits for more than 1,300 current and future retirees of Findlay Industries.

Based in Findlay, Ohio, Findlay Industries was a privately owned company established in 1959 that once manufactured interior parts for the automotive and heavy truck industries.

The firm had manufacturing operations in Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Canada and Mexico.

In late 2008, More...

Weekly Pension News Round-Up

  |   February 1, 2013

Here's what made headlines this week in pension news:

Bloomberg publishes, "PBGC Sues the Renco Group Over RG Steel Unfunded Pension."

"Where's My Refund: Is Some of the $58 Billion Unclaimed Money Yours?" Travelers Today asks.

Business Insurance reports, "PBGC to take over 2 Hawker Beechcraft pension plans."

The Wall Street Journal writes, "Bankruptcy judge close to granting Beechcraft plan."

Weekly Pension News Round-Up

  |   January 25, 2013

Here's what made headlines this week in pension news: quotes PBGC Director Josh Gotbaum in "Pension Premium."

The Wichita Eagle reports, "Bankruptcy judge delays ruling on Hawker Beechcraft pensions until Jan. 31."

"$58 billion unclaimed: Is some of it yours?" CNN Money asks.  

Sack filled with hundred dollar billsAcross the country, there are more than 38,000 people who haven't claimed pension benefits they are owed. Those unclaimed pensions equal a total of over $300 million dollars, with individual benefits ranging from twelve cents to almost a million dollars.

The states with the most missing pension participants and money to be claimed are:

  • New York (7,031/$42.38 million)
  • Illinois (4,129/$79.63 million)
  • California (3,082/$8.52 million)
  • Texas (2,487/$12.32 million)
  • New Jersey (2,288/$12.84 million)
  • Ohio (2,109/$15.22 million)


Weekly Pension News Round-Up

  |   January 11, 2013

Here's what made headlines this week in pension news:  

Wichita Business Journal reported "Court to hear Hawker-PBGC plan on Jan. 17." posted "Multiemployer plans need more help, PBGC chief tells House panel."

U.S. News published "Why Pension Plans May Not be a Slam Dunk."

If you receive a retirement benefit from PBGC, all or some of the money may be taxable. Every year, we report this amount to the IRS and send you an IRS Form 1099-R that states the amount we paid you the previous year.

We'll mail your Form 1099-R for 2012 to your address of record by Thursday, January 31, 2013. If you don't receive your form soon after January 31, 2013, you may use the options below to request a duplicate 1099-R, as early as February 1.

  1. Use our online service, MyPBA, to view and print a copy of your 1099-R tax form for the most recent tax year. 


  1. Call PBGC's Customer Contact Center to request a form by mail. The number is 1-800-400-7242.

Before you call, please have your Social Security number, plan name and case number ready for the customer service representative.