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    March 2Unusually Long Wait Times at Customer Contact Center


    February 24Tax Season and Your 1099-R Form

    February 23PBGC Customer Contact Center – Additional Saturday Operating Hours

    February 17State-by-State Pension Plan Information


    January 4Request for Information: Two Pool Withdrawal Liability



    December 27Timing of 2017 New Year's Holiday Will Have Impact on Pension Payments

    December 23Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Updates

    December 15PBGC Fraud Alerts: Knowledge is Power


    November 28A Snapshot of PBGC: FY 2016 Annual Report


    October 20Working Towards a Secure Retirement


    September 6PBGC to Pay Benefits at Vertellus Specialties Inc.


    August 25USPS Service Disruptions in Louisiana, Mississippi and California May Affect Pension Recipients

    August 22Getting a Pension Benefit Estimate from PBGC


    July 22The Financial Forecast of the Single-Employer and Multiemployer Insurance Programs


    June 30Anticipated Canadian Postal Strike May Affect Canadian Pension Recipients

    June 20PBGC’s Two Pension Insurance Programs: Single-Employer and Multiemployer

    June 6Introducing Director’s Hub



    December 30PBGC to Pay Benefits at Walter Energy Inc.

    December 9Risk Transfer Activity Significant; Over One Million People Affected


    October 19Update: Open Government at PBGC

    October 14IRS Updates Health Coverage Tax Credit Information

    October 8Statement from W. Thomas Reeder Jr.


    August 31PBGC to Pay Benefits at Standard Register

    August 28Open Government at PBGC

    August 5Regina T. Jefferson Named to Advisory Committee


    July 8New Law Reinstates Health Coverage Tax Credit


    June 15PBGC Wants to Hire Smaller Firms to Manage Assets

    June 5PBGC Releases State-by-State Pension Plan Information


    April 13Welcome to National Retirement Planning Week!


    March 11Study: PBGC’s Guarantees For People in Multiemployer Plans Will Cover a Smaller Share of Benefits for Plans that Run out of Money in the Future


    February 23 PBGC Celebrates America Saves Week

    February 4PBGC to Pay Benefits at Hovensa


    January 20It’s Tax Season! Here’s What You Need to Know



    December 1Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) and PBGC


    November 18PBGC: A Year in Review

    November 7Former PBGC Legend Passes


    October 27PBGC to Pay Benefits at White Rose Inc.

    October 21It’s That Time of Year Again: National Save for Retirement Week

    October 17PBGC to Pay Benefits at Reichhold Inc.

    October 9The Picture of Retirement for Hispanic Americans

    October 6Tools You Can Use: Getting Around the PBGC Website


    September 23A Familiar Face Takes Charge as Acting Director

    September 15PBGC and Open Government

    September 2PBGC to Pay Benefits for Employees at Los Angeles Urban League Inc.


    August 29PBGC Celebrates 40 Years of Protecting Pension Benefits of the Nation’s Workers and Retirees: The 2000s

    August 28PBGC Celebrates 40 Years of Protecting Pension Benefits of the Nation’s Workers and Retirees: The 1990s

    August 26PBGC Celebrates 40 Years of Protecting Pension Benefits of the Nation’s Workers and Retirees: The 1980s

    August 25PBGC Celebrates 40 Years of Protecting Pension Benefits of the Nation’s Workers and Retirees: The 1970s

    August 22Former PBGC Director Discusses ‘Keeping the PBGC from being the next bailout recipient’

    August 19PBGC Pays Homage to Former Executive Director and Retirement Security Advocate


    July 31New Online Resource Gives You Something to Think About

    July 29Agency to Pay Benefits for a Plan Sponsored by the Estate of Victor Posner

    July 17Multiemployer 101: Understanding the Difference between Single and Multiemployer Plans

    July 8 Troubled Multiemployer Plans Put Benefits in Jeopardy for 1.5M People


    June 30Report: Financial Condition of Single-Employer Plans Seen to Improve; Benefits of 1.5M People at Risk in Multiemployer Plans

    June 19PBGC Launches New and Improved Version of MyPBA

    June 9New AARP Survey Assesses the Issues that Matter Most to African-Americans 50+; Retirement Security at the Forefront


    May 27Gotbaum Dissects the National Retirement Crisis

    May 22National Steel Participants: False Information About Your Benefit

    May 22PBGC to Pay Benefits for Interfaith Medical Center Employees

    May 19Gotbaum Talks Pensions with Fox Business News

    May 7May Is Older Americans Month

    May 5The Focus on Retirement for Young People Has a Message for All of Us


    April 15News Roundup: Gotbaum Quoted In The New York Times

    April 10PBGC Recognizes National Retirement Planning Week

    April 2PBGC Celebrates Efforts to Stem the Retirement Crisis


    March 26No Need to Fear Because the Annual Funding Notice Is Here

    March 25 Forty Years, Fourteen Directors — One Woman Stands Alone

    March 20Celebrating Women: A Look at Women’s Retirement Security

    March 14Keeping Promises in an Era of Uncertainty


    February 27 United We Stand at No. 19

    February 21In Recognition of Black History Month, the Agency Welcomed a Distinguished Guest

    February 10Serving You Well: PBGC Service on Par With Top Businesses

    February 5PBGC to Pay Benefits for Constar Inc. Employees

    February 4Understanding Your PBGC Benefits at Tax Time


    January 29President Obama Outlines His Retirement Security Action Plan in 2014 State of the Union Address

    January 9It’s That Time of Year Again...Tax Season!

    January 8Our New Year’s Resolution: Connect Retirees with More Than $280 Million in Unclaimed Pensions



    December 23January Payments: A Day Late, But Not a Dollar Short

    December 16Defining Marriage along with Your Defined Benefit

    December 11Companion to July 2013 Research Report Further Surveys Racial Disparities in Retirement

    December 4Health Coverage Tax Credit Set to Expire on January 1


    November 21Business 101: Mergers and Acquisitions

    November 20Senator Warren Talks about the Retirement Crisis

    November 19PBGC Covers Retirees of a Leader in Local News

    November 18Retirees Give High Marks for Customer Service, Deficit Goes Up

    November 7ERISA at 40 – The Past Puts Pension Law in Perspective

    November 6PBGC’s Yearly Max Jumps in 2014

    November 4Protecting Pennfield’s Pensions


    October 24Lifetime Income Offers Real Retirement Security

    October 23One Less Latte, One More Retirement Savings Contribution

    October 22National Save for Retirement Week: Get Your Retirement Savings Started with 10 Percent of Your Income

    October 21National Save for Retirement Week: How Pensions Fit In

    October 17Save the Date: National Save for Retirement Week

    October 11Health Care Tax Credit Program Reopens After Shutdown

    October 9Gotbaum Cheers Actuaries’ Efforts to Promote Lifetime Income

    October 2Message to HCTC Participants


    September 27A Message from the Director: PBGC Operations in Case of a Government Shutdown

    September 26Retirement Lessons from Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands

    September 24Retirement Security: Five Key Facts

    September 19EBRI Report Says Retirement Plan Participation Goes Up, But Most Workers Have No Plan

    September 9Kodak Leaves Bankruptcy Behind with its Pensions in Hand

    September 5Retirement Planning: A Helpful Resource

    September 4The Retirement Equity Act and Beyond


    August 30Happy Labor Day from PBGC

    August 29Follow Us on Twitter

    August 26The Center for American Progress Says “American Retirement Savings Could Be Much Better”

    August 22PBGC to Pay Pension Benefits for Allied Systems Holdings Inc. Retirees

    August 8Technology Expected to Improve Online Self-Service

    August 7Powerball: Jackpot vs. Sure Thing

    August 5Favorable Decision from Appeals Court Helps Agency Protect Benefits


    July 24Hot Topic: Municipal Bankruptcy

    July 22‘Thank You for Calling PBGC’

    July 17Study Shows Later Retirement Helps Prevent Dementia

    July 9PBGC Director Josh Gotbaum on Wall Street

    July 3PBGC to Assume Responsibility for Pension Benefits at Butzel Long

    July 2Agency Seeks Information on Building a Program for 401(K)-Type Plans


    June 28PBGC Moves to Pay Benefits at Wrightco Technologies Inc.

    June 21New Study: Retirement Crisis Worse Than We Thought

    June 18Treat Yourself, Don’t Cheat Yourself

    June 1010 Ways to Pay...

    June 7PBGC to Pay Benefits for Landmark Medical Center Retirees


    May 29Protecting Pensions: Harkin and Alexander Pen a Letter to the National Association of Attorneys General

    May 23PBGC Protects Pension Benefits at KidsPeace Corporation

    May 20Pew Research Report – Retirement Security Across Generations: Are Americans Prepared for Their Golden Years?”

    May 13Prequels, Originals, and Sequels

    May 9PBGC Assumes Responsibility for Pension Benefits at Noble Health Systems Inc.

    May 6PBGC Director Josh Gotbaum Talks Pension Reform

    May 1PBGC Recognizes Older Americans Month!


    April Goes Mobile

    April 25Generations X and Y – What’s Your Outlook on Retirement Security?

    April 17‘What is a Pension?’

    April 15Surveys: Tell Us the Truth

    April 4PBGC to Pay Pension Benefits at Bill Johnson’s Restaurants Inc.

    April 1Income Verification Made Simple


    March 27FAQs: We’re glad you asked!

    March 25PBGC, Taxes, and You

    March 22Disappearing acts: First confidence, then retirement savings?

    March 19Don’t Leave Us Without a Forwarding Address

    March 15Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    March 15Retirement Security Rankings... Where Do We Stand?

    March 8Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    March 1PBGC to Pay Pension Benefits at Metavation LLC


    February 26Beechcraft Emerges From Bankruptcy With One Pension Plan Frozen But, In Place

    February 19Getting Your Pension Payments by Check?

    February 15Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    February 8Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    February 4Saving the Pensions of Findlay Industries Retirees

    February 1Weekly Pension News Round-Up


    January 25Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    January 14Does PBGC Owe You Almost $1 Million?

    January 11Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    January 10It’s That Time of Year Again...Tax Season!

    January 4Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    January 3NewPage Leaves Bankruptcy Behind with Pension Plans Intact



    December 28When to Expect Your January Payment

    December 20Allow PBGC to Introduce Sandy Rich, New Chief of Negotiations and Restructuring

    December 14Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    December 10'Don't Believe the Myths'


    November 30Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    November 28PBGC Protects the Retirees of RG Steel, LLC

    November 27Making Sense of the Maximum Insurance Benefit

    November 16A Summary of 2012: Pension Preservation and Customer Service

    November 8Feeling Gloomy About Retirement?

    November 2Weekly Pension News Round-Up


    October 29PBGC Payments Continue Despite Sandy, Some Delays Possible for Paper Checks

    October 26Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    October 24More Info on PBGC, Please…

    October 19Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    October 18New Department Directors on Board at PBGC

    October 16PBGC Welcomes Pemco World Air Services Inc.

    October 12Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    October 2Looking Back...


    September 21Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    September 14Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    September 11PBGC Protects the Retirees of B’nai B’rith International


    August 31Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    August 28Tips on Using Retirement Calculators

    August 24Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    August 17Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    August 10Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    August 8PBGC Fights in Court: a ‘Small’ Victory With Big Implications

    August 2Retirement Planning: A Helpful Resource

    August 2Name That Blog!


    July 27Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    July 26PBGC to Pay Benefits for Members of the Cinram Music Union Pension Plan

    July 24Looking for a Nice Place to Retire?

    July 20Weekly Pension News Round-Up

    July 20PBGC to Pay Pensions for United Way for Southeastern Michigan

    July 18You Comment, We Respond

    July 16Boosting Women’s Financial Confidence

    July 5Retirement Tips: Considering Home Sharing


    June 28ALERT: Don't pay a finder's fee for your pension!


    May 30Gotbaum Responds to the Examiner

    May 22PBGC to the Rescue

    May 15PBGC’s Gotbaum Honored for Protecting Pensions

    May 3Hawker Beechcraft Workers Can Count on PBGC


    April 20Got a Multiemployer Pension? We’ve Got You Covered.

    April 12How Much Will You Need to Retire?

    April 4Retirement Realities, Continued

    April 4PBGC Chief Gets Real about Retirement Security


    March 29The Best-Saved Plans

    March 26PBGC: Proud of Our People

    March 2626,000 Keep Pensions at A&P

    March 22Positive Development for Retirees

    March 22Pensions Need a Makeover

    March 21Retirement Realities @ Social Security

    March 16PBGC Wins One for Metaldyne Retirees

    March 15We've Got Them Covered

    March 14Retirement Realities, 2012

    March 12Retirement Security: It Takes More Than Saving

    March 8Follow us on Twitter

    March 7Good News: AMR to Keep Most Pensions

    March 6DBs Still Make Retirement Sense

    March 6The Fight to Save Pensions at American Airlines

    March 6Welcome to our Blog