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Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, on September 15, we celebrate the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month. During this celebration, which runs through October 15, we recognize the significant impact Hispanic and Latino Americans have had on American history. We celebrate their rich culture and countless achievements. And this year's theme, "Hispanics: A legacy of history, a present of action and a future of success," reminds us of their profound impact on American culture. 

In his proclamation, President Obama said our Nation is strengthened when we lift up the Hispanic community. He also said when we create more ladders of opportunity, we provide hope for all Americans to reach their greatest potential.

But when looking at retirement preparedness, Hispanic Americans are often lower on the ladder than the general population.

Although many Americans face difficulty planning for retirement, Hispanic Americans face unique challenges that other minority groups do not. Hispanic Americans typically have less access to employer-provided benefits and contribute less on their own. The reason? Greater emphasis is usually placed on short-term financial security, such as eliminating debt. Saving for retirement is simply not a short-term priority.


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Photo: Alice Maroni

Earlier this month, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez visited PBGC to praise the agency for its good works and to acknowledge PBGC's 40th anniversary. At the same time, the agency officially ushered in a new era of leadership.

Alice Maroni was introduced as the Acting Director. Maroni is no stranger to the agency, serving as Chief Management Officer for the past three years. During his talk, Perez praised Maroni with a vote of confidence, saying the agency will be well-served by her leadership. "You are in very good hands with Alice." he said. "And we have all the confidence in the world, as I suspect you do as well, in her many talents."

Those talents were honed by a distinguished career in public service. Maroni spent a decade at the Smithsonian as Chief Financial Officer, before coming to PBGC in May 2011. Prior to that, she held leadership and management positions at the Department of Defense and on Capitol Hill.

"If you know me, then you know that I am committed to the mission of PBGC," Maroni said in her first agency wide address as Acting Director.


PBGC and Open Government

  |   September 15, 2014

We'd like to highlight some recent updates to PBGC's Open Government webpage. The page includes important PBGC data sets, underlying data that supports PBGC programs. Additionally, the page provides information about how the American public can provide input to help make PBGC's work and performance even better and more engaging.

In accordance with the President's Open Government Initiative, PBGC has posted an updated version of its Open Government Plan [PDF], version 3.0. Our Plan reflects input from senior policy, legal, and technology leadership in PBGC, as well as our customers and visitors.

We've posted two new data sets: Multiemployer Pension Plan Terminations, Mergers, and Insolvencies and Summary of Changes; both are updated annually. These data sets present machine accessible downloadable information that was previously unavailable online.

These data sets can be used to increase agency accountability, improve public knowledge of the agency and its operations, create economic opportunity and further the agency's mission.

PBGC welcomes stakeholder input on these data sets and other ways PBGC can promote the values of transparency, participation and collaboration in government.

To help us do a better job of serving you, please consider the following:

  • What PBGC data or content should we make more readily available?
  • Which PBGC online service or data would you like to be easier to use?
  • Which PBGC service would you like to use on your mobile device?

Please direct feedback to

National Urban League.

PBGC will pay retirement benefits for 233 people covered by a plan sponsored by the Los Angeles Urban League Inc., a local chapter of the National Urban League, a non-profit civil rights organization.

In addition to the organization's work to advance equal opportunities for African American and other minority youths, the group also ran a Head Start program, which provided early education for pre-kindergarten students.

The agency is stepping in because the organization is unable to fund the plan that covers Head Start employees. The Defined Benefit Pension Plan of Los Angeles Urban League Head Start State Pre-school will end as of Aug. 31, 2014.


This entry is part of a series of blog posts that looks back and commemorates the agency's work.

PBGC 40th Anniversary Logo

The big blows are landed

The fight to save pensions intensified, as financial crisis led to broken promises and end-runs on pension security. Iconic companies moved to end pension security and the number of people served by PBGC continued to rise.

We started the decade with annual benefit payments to participants surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time.

As 2001 started, PBGC took over two Trans World Airlines' pension plans. These plans covered 36,500 former workers and retirees and were underfunded by about $700 million. By the end of the year annual benefit payments by PBGC to participants surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time.

TWA was merely the first big blow of many that decade.