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Introducing Director’s Hub

Monday June 6, 2016

This entry is part of the Director's Hub blog series. You’ll hear from our Director, Tom Reeder, about the importance of preserving pension plans and protecting retirement security. Check out Tom’s bio to learn more about him.

The majority of my career has been dedicated to preserving retirement security, particularly helping employers establish and maintain retirement plans. I've gained an appreciation for companies that help their employees prepare for retirement by offering a pension plan, despite the perceived burden of maintaining such a commitment. I've also gained an appreciation for the dedication of federal government staffs in the pension area.

Since joining PBGC in October, I've had the pleasure of working with talented professionals who have one goal—protecting the pensions of the 40 million Americans PBGC serves. The staff at PBGC is dedicated to preserving defined benefit plans and protecting retirement security.

It's important for workers, retirees and companies to be fully informed on the value of pension plans and lifelong retirement security.

To that end, I'm happy to announce the launch of my blog, Director's Hub. I'll use this space to discuss issues related to retirement security, with a particular focus on pensions.

If you have blog ideas or topics, or want to share your feedback, send us an email:

I look forward to hearing from you.