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2016 State-by-State Pension Plan Information

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Did you know that, in 2016, PBGC paid out about $5.6 billion in pension benefits to nearly 861,000 retirees in failed single-employer plans? Our retirees and beneficiaries count on their pensions, and we’ve just updated our state-by-state map to show where our customers live.

Our state-by-state map shows how much PBGC pays in benefits to our participants, listing the dollars and number of people paid in each state.

Some of the interesting information you can glean from the 2016 data is that Ohio ranks as the state with the most benefits paid, $557,021,996 to 78,929 retirees; next, in Pennsylvania, 79,687 retirees were paid $464,996,076 in benefits; while 57,874 retirees in Florida received $414,878,111 in benefits.  

No matter where you live, PBGC is committed to paying timely and accurate benefits to retirees.