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Workers & Retirees

Newsletter for Current Retirees

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is responsible for the pensions of 1.5 million Americans. Once a year, we reach out to each one of you with a newsletter about PBGC. Our new format is designed to give you the information you need in a compact, easy-to-read layout. We hope you find it useful.

PBGC Retiree News


Helpful tools and tips include:

  • Protect Yourself from ID Theft!
  • You Deserve VIP Service
  • PBGC Income Verification-Now Through MyPBA!
  • MyPBA, Now Better than Ever
  • Tax Withholding
  • Take It Easy, Get Direct Deposit
  • Retirement Recap from PBGC
  • Just in Case . . . Durable Power of Attorney
  • Let's Keep in Touch

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Past Newsletters

This newsletter is published once a year, typically in late fall or early winter. It is designed for participants in PBGC-trusteed pension plans who have retired and begun receiving pension payments from PBGC.