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Workers & Retirees

Benefit Determination Status (Updated as of 12/15/2010)

Since our original announcement (March 31, 2010), we have issued another 26,000 benefit determination letters (BDLs) bringing the total to over 121,000 issued for the United Airlines pension plans as of December 15, 2010.

We have completed our calculations for the Pilots plan and issued over 10,000 of the remaining BDLs for this plan. There are about 2,000 more to be issued.

The total number of BDLs remaining to be issued is approximately 5,100 (distributed among the 3 plans listed below).

  • Pilots Fixed Benefit Income Plan
  • Ground Employees' Retirement Plan
  • Management, Administrative & Public Contact (MAPC) Pension Plan

We expect to have all BDLs completed by September 30, 2011.