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Workers & Retirees

Important Announcement for Delta pre-January 1, 2007 Retirees and Beneficiaries

Did you begin receiving pension payments before January 1, 2007?

If yes, please ensure that PBGC has received your completed Form 701, Payee Information Form (PIF). To help ensure that we are paying only the people who are entitled to benefits from your plan, we must have a completed PIF from each person who is receiving benefits at the time we take the responsibility of issuing payments.

A PIF was included in the PBGC welcome package that was mailed to all retirees and beneficiaries on March 21, 2007. We have mailed reminder letters to the retirees and beneficiaries of the Delta Pilot's Retirement Plan who have not yet completed and returned a PIF. The reminder letters were sent April 30, 2007 and May 30, 2007.

We have sent an acknowledgement letter to each person who has returned a PIF to us. Please contact us immediately if you are a retiree or beneficiary receiving payments and have not received a letter from us acknowledging receipt of your PIF.

If we have not received a completed PIF from you by July 10, 2007, we must suspend your payments effective August 1, 2007. If your benefits are suspended, we will reinstate payments approximately 60 days after we receive your PIF. Once we restart your pension payments, PBGC will pay you for any months your benefit was not paid.

You may complete the form online by logging in to your account at .