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Tips for Creating PBGC Premium Filings in XML Format

Please keep in mind the following tips and information when modifying your software to create 2005 premium filings in XML format. This page is intended to provide tips only. Please refer to the schema documents to identify all schema rules and validations.

  • Ordering of XML Nodes in the 2005 Premium Filing Schema Documents - The 2005 premium filing schema will enforce the order of the nodes submitted in all XML filings. All premium filings submitted in XML must provide the data in the specified order, according to the schema. The schema enforces this rule to better enable PBGC to review and certify your sample filings. In addition, a consistent ordering of schema data elements assists with manual filing review.
  • Do not include commas in any numeric XML node.
  • Submitting XML Files with Null Values in Unused XML Nodes - Do not submit an XML premium filing to the PBGC with XML nodes containing null values. My PAA cannot process null values, regardless if the nodes are mandatory or optional. For example:

Submitting an XML file with Amended Filling node as null - <AmendedFiling> </AmendedFiling>.- will generate the following error when validating the XML filing:

1. The '' element has an invalid value according to its data type. An error occurred at , (1, 1814).

Submitting an XML file without the <AmendedFiling> node is valid and does signify your selection.

  • Accurate spelling of the XML nodes is extremely important. Misspelled XML nodes will cause a validation error and will not be processed.
  • Be sure to include references to the SubmissionTypes.xsd and 2005Filing.xsd documents in your XML premium filings. The primary submission.xsd schema references these two XSD documents and cannot recognize certain data values if the "st:" and/or "f5:" references do not pre-fix your XML tag names. For example:

The <SingleEmployerPremium> node references specific values from the SubmissionTypes.xsd document:

<f5:SingleEmployerPremium> <st:FlatRatePremium>19000.00</st:FlatRatePremium> <st:VariableRatePremium>90315.00</st:VariableRatePremium> <st:TotalPremium>109315.00</st:TotalPremium>


Submitting these data without the "st:" tag prefix may cause the following validation error:

  1. The element '' has invalid child element ''.
    Expected ''. An error occurred at , (1, 2222).
  2. The '' element is not declared. An error occurred at , (1, 2222).
  3. The '' element is not declared. An error occurred at , (1, 2265).
  4. The '' element is not declared. An error occurred at , (1, 2316).