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Other Guidance

Advisors with Retiree

Opinion Letters
PBGC issues opinion letters on its views of the meaning of the provisions of Title IV of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Search our database of PBGC Opinion Letters.
Appeals Board Decisions
Learn more about PBGC's positions on specific issues by reviewing Appeals Board decisions.

Disaster Relief Announcements
Find out about PBGC's guidance for disaster relief for plan administrators and sponsors.

Technical Updates
See the latest technical updates on legal changes and regulatory issues.

Significant Guidance Documents
View PBGC's Significant Guidance Documents, which provide policies or interpretations on statutory, regulatory, or technical issues dating back to 1981.

Enrolled Actuaries Meeting Bluebooks
View summaries of the questions and answers from meetings of PBGC staff and representatives of the Enrolled Actuaries Program Committee. The summaries reflect the views of individual staff members and do not represent the official position of PBGC.

PBGC Litigation Outline
View summaries of virtually every reported judicial decision involving PBGC since its inception.

PBGC's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Guide
Learn about the steps you need to take for making a FOIA request to the PBGC.

Information Quality Guidelines
Learn about PBGC's Information Quality Program.

Legal Filings and Decisions
Legal filings are submitted by PBGC in support of our efforts to preserve and safeguard pensions.

Advisory Letters
PBGC issues determination letters in response to specific requests. PBGC is posting letters that may be of general interest.