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PBGC Website Gives Access to Legal Filings, Decisions

June 27, 2011

WASHINGTON-The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC) has expanded the range of public information offered on its website by adding a Legal Filings and Decisions section to the Resources page: .

This innovation, part of a recent major upgrade of the PBGC website, presents significant legal filings recently submitted by PBGC in its efforts to preserve and safeguard pensions, as well as court decisions issued in response to PBGC filings. The new section also will offer noteworthy filings and decisions from the recent past.

The improvements aim to provide a better web experience for people searching for particular filings or decisions, as well as for those who read a news release or story about a particular case and want to know more about the decision or PBGC's legal position.

About PBGC

PBGC protects the pension benefits of 44 million Americans in 27,500 private-sector pension plans. The agency is directly responsible for paying the benefits of more than 1.5 million people in failed pension plans. PBGC receives no taxpayer dollars and never has. Its operations are financed by insurance premiums and with assets and recoveries from failed plans.

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PBGC No. 11-46