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Do you have any idea where the United States ranks when it comes to retirement security? You guessed first place? No, that's not it.

Second? Not that either.

In fact, the U.S. barely made the top 20 ranking. The U.S. ranked number 19, among 150 countries listed by retirement security, behind many Eastern and Western European countries, according to Natixis Global Asset Management firm.

The Natixis Global Retirement Index "gauges how well retired citizens live in 150 nations" based on 20 measures of health, wealth, quality of life and "material well-being" that affect citizens' retirement security.

The top 20 countries ranked by retirement security are:

1.    Norway

2.    Switzerland

3.    Luxembourg

4.    Sweden

5.    Austria

6.    Finland

7.    Netherlands

8.    Denmark

9.    Germany

10.  France

11.  Australia

12.  Israel

13.  Canada

14.  Belgium

15.  Japan

16.  Slovenia

17.  Czech Republic

18.  Slovakia

19.  United States

20.  United Kingdom


Read more about the U.S retirement security ranking.

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