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PBGC Departments

The Office of Policy and External Affairs (OPEA) includes two departments, the Communications Outreach and Legislative Affairs (COLA) and the Policy, Research and Analysis department (PRAD). OPEA oversees and directs outreach to PBGC external stakeholders, including the press, interacts with the Congress, Executive Branch agencies, and industry and labor groups on ERISA and PBGC issues. It also manages the analysis, review and drafting of legislative and regulatory proposals and regulations. The position of Chief Policy Officer is vacant. Acting Deputy Chief Policy Officer is Michael Rae. OPEA can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4010.

The Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs (COLA) is responsible for organizing, directing, and implementing a comprehensive external and internal communications program to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the PBGC mission, programs and services by the various publics it serves. Stakeholders include participants, the pension community (e.g., practitioners, plan sponsors, plan administrators), Congress, and closely allied groups and organizations. The Director of COLA is Sanford "Mack" McLaurin. COLA can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4343.

The Policy, Research and Analysis department (PRAD) develops policy for PBGC's insurance programs and conducts related research and modeling. Policy activity encompasses legislative and regulatory analysis and proposal development related to benefit guarantees, employer liability, and premiums. Research addresses actuarial and financial issues to support policy development and involves modeling for forecasting purposes. The Director of PRAD is Christopher Bone. PRAD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4080.

The Office of Benefits Administration (OBA) includes the largest operational department at PBGC handling plan participants matters, the Benefits Administration and Payment Department (BAPD). The Acting Chief of Benefits Administration and Acting Director, BAPD is Cathy Kronopolus. OBA can be reached during normal business at 202-326-4100 ext. 3263.

The Benefits Administration and Payment Department (BAPD)  manages the termination process for defined benefit plans, provides participant services (including calculation and payment of benefits) for PBGC-trusteed plans, provides actuarial support for PBGC, and carries out PBGC's responsibilities under settlement agreements. When it is necessary to terminate a defined benefit pension plan, BAPD values plan assets and liabilities, and collects, evaluates, and performs participant and plan financial audits, making decisions on participant benefit entitlements and plan worth.

The Office of Negotiations & Restructuring (ONR) works with companies, both in and out of bankruptcy, to preserve their pension plans by monitoring, conducting financial, legal, and actuarial analysis, and negotiating protections. ONR includes two departments, The Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) and The Corporate Finance & Restructuring Department (CFRD).  When plans cannot be preserved, ONR pursues claims to recover additional assets that help PBGC pay benefits. ONR's responsibilities also include PBGC's review of standard terminations and management of the multiemployer insurance program. The Chief of Negotiations and Restructuring is Sanford Rich. ONR can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4020.

The Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) provides comprehensive legal services relating to PBGC's ERISA programs involving ongoing and terminated pension plans. The office represents PBGC in litigation in all courts relating to ERISA functions, represents PBGC in bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, provides legal advice and services to support negotiations and settlements, and makes recommendations concerning the initiation of litigation. Israel Goldowitz is Chief Counsel. OCC can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4020.

The Corporate Finance & Restructuring Department (CFRD) monitors the corporate events and transactions of defined benefit pension plan sponsors and provides financial and actuarial analyses to enable PBGC to mitigate risks to the insurance program and increase overall plan funding levels. In coordination with the Office of Chief Counsel, CFRD determines and pursues recoveries of employer liability and unpaid employer contributions, makes recommendations to the Executive Director concerning the filing of liens, and makes recommendations to the Internal Revenue Service concerning conditions for granting waivers of minimum funding standards. The Acting Director of CFRD is Dana Cann. CFRD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4070.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) includes four PBGC organizations, the Financial Operations Department (FOD), the Corporate Investment Department (CID), the Corporate Controls and Reviews Department (CCRD), and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) that plan and oversee the Corporation's financial, internal control and review, and information technology functions. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Patricia Kelly. OCFO can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4170.

The Financial Operations Department (FOD) establishes and maintains the Corporation's financial and accounting systems, financial management policy, financial procedures, accounting operations, financial reporting and account analysis activities, the investment management program, the premium income program and the debt collection program. The Director of FOD is Theodore J. Winter, Jr. FOD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4060.

The Corporate Investments Department (CID) provides investment management services for plans trusteed by the PBGC and for assets managed by the Corporation. The Chief Investment Officer is John Greenberg. The Corporate Investments Department can be reached during normal business hours at: 202-326-4000 x 4592.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for the Corporation's information technology program. OIT provides IT and electronic communications services and support to PBGC; plans for, directs and coordinates the allocation of corporate resources for IT services, support and related activities; delivers IT business solutions driven by customer requirements; operates, maintains and safeguards PBGC business and infrastructure systems; and oversees the acquisition of IT resources for PBGC. OIT includes two Departments - the Information Technology and Business Modernization Department (IT&BMD), and the Information Technology Infrastructure Operations Department (ITIOD). The Acting Chief Information Officer is Deborah Herald. The CIO can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4130.

The Information Technology and Business Modernization Department (IT&BMD) provides Information Technology (IT) business solutions and services in support of PBGC mission, goals, and objectives. IT&BMD develops and manages an enterprise architecture describing the current and desired relationships among business and management processes and information technology, laying out a blueprint for incremental change to both business and technology; provides Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) planning, selection, investment control, management, and framework in which the corporation makes IT investment decisions. The Director of IT&BMD is Vidhya Shyamsunder. IT&BMD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4130.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Operations Department (ITIOD) manages the delivery of the infrastructure systems and services, measuring capabilities to ensure service levels are met; and ensure the delivery of a secure, cost effective and sustained level of availability, supporting overall business continuity. The Acting Director of ITIOD is Joshua Kossoy. ITIOD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4130.

The Corporate Controls and Reviews Department  (CCRD) prepares reports regarding: (1) the effectiveness of PBGC internal controls, systems, and programs; (2) whether ongoing defined benefit pension plans are in compliance with PBGC regulations regarding premiums and funds advanced to multiemployer plans; and (3) whether contractors performing services for PBGC are in compliance with PBGC's acquisition policies and contractual requirements. CCRD also serves as the agency liaison for audits conducted by PBGC's Office of Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office and is responsible for administering PBGC's Management Controls Program. The Director of CCRD is Martin Boehm. CCRD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4161.

The Office of Management and Administration (OMA) includes five PBGC departments that provide advice and service to other PBGC offices and staff in the management support areas of human resources, employee development, personnel and physical security, facility services, emergency preparedness, records management, library services, telework, procurement, budget, process improvement, and strategic planning.  The Acting Chief Management Officer is Edgar Bennett. OMA can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4180.

The Quality Management Department (QMD) develops agency strategic and annual plans, assesses work processes and customer feedback to identify improvements, uses performance data to inform corporate decisions, and employs business analytics to support continuous process improvement. The Director of QMD is Diane Braunstein. QMD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4305.

The Budget Department (BD) plans, administers, and reports on the corporation's budget. BD represents PBGC across the executive and legislative branches on budget and manages the formulation and execution of the PBGC budget. The Acting Director of BD is Wayne Hobbs. BD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4120.

The Human Resources Department (HRD) provides PBGC managers with a team of leaders and professionals who can learn, contribute and grow to their fullest potential in support of the Corporation's mission. HRD plans and administers the Corporation's human resource management programs, including staffing, employee development and assistance, employee and labor relations, personnel policy activities, and Special Emphasis and Diversity Programs. The Director of HRD is Arrie Etheridge. The HR Business Center can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4110.

The Workplace Solutions Department (WSD) plans and administers PBGC's facility management, including its lease administration and space utilization programs; administration and office support; building safety and security, Continuity of Operations (COOP), and disaster preparedness and recovery programs; records management program; and PBGC's telework program. WSD also manages the Corporate library and coordinates reference and research resources within PBGC. The Acting Director of WSD is Alisa Cottone. WSD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4150.

The Procurement Department (PD) is responsible for the acquisition of all goods and services used by the PBGC to accomplish its mission. The PD, which follows the procedures established in the Federal Acquisition Regulations in awarding and administering its contracts, ensures that the contracts are performed in accordance with the terms and conditions established during the award process. The Director of PD is Steve Block. PD can be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4160.

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) provides legal advice and counsel for the Executive Director and PBGC departments on general law matters and on pension law matters at the request of the Executive Director. OGC also decides administrative appeals of agency decisions concerning benefit coverage and other determinations and administers the disclosure and other requirements of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts. The General Counsel is Judith Starr. OGC may be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4400.

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (OEEO) provides support to the Corporation for integrating the full spirit of EEO requirements within the agency's overall work environment, strategic mission and corporate initiatives and developing and maintaining a diverse, discrimination-free work environment. The Office of EEO is committed to assisting the Corporation in ensuring it provides equal opportunities for all employees. The Office of EEO provides oversight for PBGC's Affirmative Employment, EEO Complaints Process and EEO Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs. The EEO Director is Karen Margensey.  The EEO office may be reached during normal business hours at 202-326-4000 ext. 4363 or at