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About PBGC

Enterprise Architecture

EA LogoWhat is Enterprise Architecture at PBGC?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) at PBGC establishes the Agency-wide roadmap to achieve PBGC's mission through optimal performance of its core business processes within an efficient information technology (IT) environment. Simply stated, enterprise architectures are "blueprints" for systematically and completely defining an organizations current (baseline) or desired (target) environment. Enterprise architectures are essential for evolving information systems and developing new systems that optimize their mission value.

Enterprise Architecture Mission

EA mission is to lead the corporation through strategy, technology, and business process choices that drive corporate-wide modernization of data, technology, and processes to improve both cost effectiveness and results through an Enterprise Architecture Program.

How Enterprise Architecture Helps PBGC


  • EA helps to define the ideal technology/people/process/target state (ETA), and then defines a transition plan (ETP) to reach that "target state" using enterprise architecture business needs analyses.
  • EA chairs the TRB to provide PBGC a formal mechanism for approving changes to the PBGC IT standards and evaluating projects for compliance against those standards.
  • EA works with business to defined enterprise architecture technical standards, which the organization follows to ensure standardization and simplification in technology and operations.


  • EA supports the ITIRB to make investment recommendation that move the agency toward the target architecture and ensure that these investment decisions should comply with the target architecture and sequencing plan.


  • Solution and Architecture Analysis looks at individual programs/projects to ensure that the programs/projects are being implemented consistently and are meeting business objectives.